Peak Water Pitcher Starter Pack

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  • Peak Water Pitcher - side
  • Peak Water Pitcher - handle
  • Peak Water Pitcher - side
  • Peak Water Pitcher - front
  • Peak Water Pitcher - top
  • Peak Water Liner
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  • What's in the Box

  • 1 Peak Water Pitcher
  • 1 Filter
  • 2 Test Strips
  • User Guide
Pouring Water Pitcher

Barista-Quality Brewing Experience

Water is one of the key components that goes into brewing the perfect cup of coffee, but the impact it can have on your brew is often overlooked. Your coffee is made up of 98% water, so its quality is just as important as the quality of your beans. The Peak Water Pitcher starter kit allows you to determine exactly what your water needs and filters it to the setting of your choice. So now you can have the café quality coffee you've come to love in the comfort of your own home.

Peak Water Pitcher and cup

Filtration for Your Specific Needs

The Starter Pack comes with two test strips that allow you to test your tap water at home. By comparing your results to the color chart provided with the test strips, you will be able to determine the precise adjustment that needs to be made on the filter setting to produce the perfect water for your brew. The knob on top of the pitcher makes for easy, stress-free adjustments that work to filter out or retain the minerals in your water. The Peak Water Pitcher not only works great with coffee, but will also improve your tea-brewing and drinking-water as well.

Peak Water Pitcher

Water for Different Roasts

Peak Water filters give you the ability to experiment with your water the same way you can with grind size or dosing. Different types of coffee shine their brightest when brewed with water filtered in a specific way. With the Peak Water Pitcher you can make slight adjustments to your water until you have the perfect brew! Also check out Third Wave Water's TDS Meter to measure exactly how many minerals are in your water!

  • water icon

    Complex Water Filtration System

  • settings icon

    Fully-adjustable Filter Settings

  • 2 cups icon

    Filter 1.2 Liters of Water

  • tree icon

    BPA-Free Plastic

More Features

Carbon Matt Filtration

Cleaner Tasting Water

Premium Dual-Ion Resin

Made in UK


Manufacturer Peak Water
Dimensions 110mm x 225mm x 300mm
Materials BPA-Free Plastic
Capacity 1.2 L

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