Video Overview | Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder

Video Overview | Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder

Jun 6th 2019 Written by meredithlangley

Mahlkonig's E65 S Espresso Grinder brings some fresh updates to the familiar K30. The E65 S houses the same 65 mm flat steel burrs found in the K30, but features a taller, slimmer profile that utilizes less counter space. A new stepless grind adjustment makes for a smoother dial-in, and a new digital display allows for fine-tuned customization of up to 8 stored grinding programs. You can even display your coffee's information right on the grinder via the hopper's built-in clip! Get to know the E65 S in this video, as Steve shares on the ins and outs of this excellent grinder from Mahlkonig.


Hey guys, it's Steve with Prima. We're here today taking a look at the Mahlkönig E65 S Espresso Grinder. It is their newest model in their lineup. It's replacing the K30 Vario and it's got tons of great features. Let's take a look. So, with the E65 S, we've got the same 65 millimeter flat burr set as the K30 Vario. Same exact burrs. Everything else is updated and new. So, we've got the whole new chassis, we've got a new motor, we've got a new control panel, new grinds setting mechanism, everything is updated. The K30 Vario is being retired, so the E65 S is basically taking its spot as that entry level, you know, really nice espresso grinder for a commercial setting.

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Up top we have a 1200 gram hopper. It's a little bit smaller than some of Mahlkönig's previous hoppers. And actually, the hopper design, the mount and twist lock is different. So it's not compatible or cross-compatible with Mahlkönig's other hoppers. That's something important to keep in mind. We will probably see some smaller accessory hoppers. Mahlkönig seems to have a few things in the works there. For now, we only have this 1200 gram hopper. Below that, we have a new stepless grind adjustment. We no longer have that screw lock that holds the wheel in place. We just have this nice and easy smooth action for adjusting grind setting. We also have a grind setting lock on the back of the grinder. There's just a little dial, so if you are good and confident in your grind setting, you don't think you need to change it for a little bit, you can lock it in place to prevent any bumps or nudging kind of knocking it out of place.

In our experience, you know, we've gotten to play with one for quite awhile. That's not really necessary. It's kind of more or less, you might want to lock it if you think that maybe it might get bumped. Also, we have a brand new control panel here and this is really nice because it's a very big digital display. It's got a really easy-to-use knob and button functionality, and programming-wise, you can set up up to eight grind profiles and customize them however you like. So, there are five preset grind sort of parameters basically. So, you'll notice that each of these, like, there's a single spout, there's a double spout, I've got this little cup here. I also have a portafilter. Each of these can be set up, they can be rearranged however you like. You can set anywhere from one to eight preset grind profiles and they're really, really easy to access. You just double-tap this button, go right to recipes, you can change your recipe count. So, let's say I want to actually go and have three instead of four, it'll actually just knock one off the very end.

Now, I have three recipes here to choose from. If I want to change, for example, from double spout to this continuous grind setting, I can do that. The continuous grind mode is the only one that does not grind by time. All the rest grind by time in seconds with tenths of a second resolution. And this grinder is quite fast actually. So, you can grind a dose in between three and four seconds in our experience. So, it's very quick to get a dose out. It does need a little bit of time to cool off in between, but since you're only grinding for three or four seconds you can probably get away with 15, 20 seconds in between shots to cool down a little bit. If you are grinding more than that, that's going to push it a little bit. It'll get warm, it might throw off your grind a little bit.

It's really intended as more of like a medium volume service grinder. But, in our experience, the quality is still quite good even if you start to push it a little bit. Below that, you'll notice we have obviously portafilter forks and a spout. The spout is actually removable, really easily in fact, which is great because, you know, if you've ever worked in a cafe, you got to take these things and clean them, and it can be a little bit tough to just shove a brush in or a vacuum or something like that. We also have this little U-ring that adjusts kind of the angel of the spout, so just to make sure that you're hitting the center of your basket and you get a nice, fluffy mound of grinds.

Obviously, the portafilter forks themselves are adjustable by height, so you can make sure that your portafilter is nestling perfectly in those forks. And overall, we've got this really quick grinder. It's putting out a nice, fluffy, centered mound of grinds. The grind quality is great, the flavor is great. Honestly, in our experience, we think it's a little bit better than the K30 Vario. That might kind of come down to construction and temperature management. But overall, really excellent grinder product. I'm going to pull a quick shot here to show you what it's like to use this. I'm going to actually set it to my continuous grinding mode and again, it only takes about three seconds to grind a full dose. I'm going to aim for 19 grams here just to kind of show you how quick this is. So, nice, centered, fluffy mound of grinds.

We have a new de-clumping mechanism in the grinder itself on the chute down to the portafilter. And that is also designed to be more easily removed and cleaned. So, maintenance is really nice there. It works very well as you could probably see in the basket. And gives you this great centered mound of grinds. So, overall we have this kind of rethinking and rework of the K30 Vario grinder. Again, same burr set, different motor, new body. The footprint is smaller, it's more compact which is really nice especially if you want to set up a couple of these in your cafe. So, we have this excellent kind of rethinking of what the K30 Vario could be. And we're really excited to see what comes out of that line along with probably future revisions or maybe even upgrades on the E65 S platform. So, that is the Mahlkönig E65 S. Thanks for watching.

Jun 6th 2019 meredithlangley

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