Product Maintenance | Commercial Espresso Machine Pre-Installation Guidelines

Product Maintenance | Commercial Espresso Machine Pre-Installation Guidelines

Apr 29th 2015 Written by meredithlangley

So, you found the espresso machine that’s right for your cafe, and you’re itching to start pulling shots. But before the technician comes to set it up, there’s a few things left to do. In this video, Matt walks through each preinstallation requirement for espresso machines, so your machine can be prepped and ready when the tech walks through the door.


Hi I'm Matt with Prima Coffee Equipment. We're going to talk about preinstallation requirements for an espresso machine. There are certain preparations that you have to have ready, before a technician comes to install your machine. If you are not ready for the technician and the machine. You, the customer will be responsible for additional charges. So let's talk about these things.

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First of all, you need a good location. A location on your bar, needs to be ready. This might means cutting holes in the counter top, for adequate electrical, drain, and water. Up to three. We like to keep electrical and water separate. That's separate holes in the counter top. Then, you need electrical. Electrical requirements will vary from machine to machine. So double check on those.

You'll need an adequate plug and outlet. Your machine will come equipped with a bare wire. A bare three wire. You'll have to have the technician get a plug adequate for the machine. Generally something that's rated 250 volts, 30 amps, and a twist lock. They will install on the end of the wire for your machine. They'll also have to set up an outlet close to your machine within 24 inches. Then you'll need water. You'll need water with a shutoff valve and a 3/8 inch male compression fitting. Again about 24 inches from the center of the machine underneath the counter.

The machine will come equipped with a braided hose, to actually make the connection between the machine and the water line. While we're talking about water. You should have some kind of filtration or at least consider some kind of filtration, and possibly water softening. That varies greatly from area to area. So you can talk to us if you need more information on your area water requirements. Last, you need a drain. A 3 inch open drain, with a P-trap will allow you to drop the drain hose directly from the machine, into the drain. And that's it.

Once your technician arrives with your machine, he'll set it up and finish everything out with the machine. Now it's important to remember that the technician only operates on the machine itself. And he'll only be there to operate on the machine itself. You have to have those requirements we just mentioned ready beforehand. Thanks a lot.

Apr 29th 2015 meredithlangley

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