Product Maintenance | How to Clean a Steam Wand

Product Maintenance | How to Clean a Steam Wand

Jan 5th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

Keeping your steam system clean will ensure that your machine always performs well and your milk always tastes great. Fetch a steaming pitcher, a paperclip, water, and some milk wash, then hit play.



Hey. Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're talking about cleaning out the steam system on your espresso machine. This is just going to make sure all the inside steaming components is cleaned out, ready to go, no rancid built up milk or anything like that, that's going to make your drinks gross and decrease your steam power. So let's talk about what you need and how you do it.

Full Circle Milk Wash

This cleaner breaks down milk protein build up, helping to keep frothers, steam wands/tips, and milk pitchers clean

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You're going to start with some milk wash. This is Urnex's Full Circle milk wash, made with naturally occurring ingredients, so you can rest assured when you're using that with equipment for which you prepare coffee. So get this ready to go, get about half a liter or so of water, steaming pitcher, and a little paper clip or something else that's really fine, like a safety pin or something like that. So first, we're going to go ahead and put together a little solution of milk wash. glass to measure volume. What you want to do is a ratio of about one ounce of milk wash to a liter of water. I have a smaller pitcher here, so I'm going to use about half an ounce, which would be just halfway below that line about. Put it in the pitcher, and then I have half a liter of water in here. So that's about ready to go. I'm then going to get this steam wand ready. I'm just going to purge that spout there, and then I'm going to steam this water just as if it were milk.

So run the steam pump and aerate a little bit. So I'm going to get that nice and hot. After it's nice and hot, you can just set it aside, and you're actually going to let that sit for about five minutes, just to soak all those parts, really get them cleaned up in the wash there. You can set this aside. Then you're actually going to remove the steam tip and use your safety pin, or a paperclip, or something like that to squeeze between the little tips there. This particular steam tip has only two holes. Some have four. Some have one. Just clear that out in case there's any residue that came off while you were soaking it. Attach that again, and purge it. Make sure it's wiped off in case any of the cleaner is on the outside, and you're good to go. So doing that every so often is going to make sure that there's no grit stuck in the inside, no gross milk or anything like that. It's going to make sure that your steam pressure is always at its maximum, and that your drinks are clean and delicious. Thanks.

Jan 5th 2017 meredithlangley

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