Video Overview | HeyCafe HC-880 Lab & HC-880 Lab S

Video Overview | HeyCafe HC-880 Lab & HC-880 Lab S

Feb 3rd 2023 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

The HeyCafe HC-880 Lab and 880 Lab S are wonderful grinders for a cafe looking for an economy retail coffee grinder. Belonging to the same parent company as Mahlkonig and Ditting, these grinders excel in both performance and price. Both of these grinders are capable of a full grind range from Turkish to espresso, are equipped with 84mm flat, hardened steel burrs, and are designed for bag grinding, cupping, and even single dosing.


HeyCafe HC-880 Lab and HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinders

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Incredible Features, Unbeatable Price

Hey there. It's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and these are the HeyCafe HC880 lab and lab S, retail coffee grinders.

If you're familiar with Mahlkonig GH2, you will notice the undeniable similarity between these. They belong to the same parent company as Mahlkonig and Ditting, and the HeyCafe boasts the same quality at a lower price point. Both the 880 lab and Lab S are a great budget option for a café looking to grind for bags, cuppings, and even single dosing.

They're both equipped with the same internal features, but they differ a bit externally due to the difference in size. Both grinders are equipped with 84 millimeter Italian made, flat hardened steel burners that are mounted vertically to limit retention, and they can grind 450 grams or 1 pound per minute. And they both have a full stepless grind adjustment ranging from Turkish to cold brew. The knob is conveniently labeled with the different points that make it an easy place to find your starting point. So both hoppers can hold 2.2 pounds of coffee and they feature a metal housing tray that allows for easy maintenance. They have multipurpose a multipurpose chute with a clamp and a knocker, and they're available in black, white and silver options.

So to take a look at the differences, the most obvious one is the difference in size. Although they both stand at 13.7 inches deep and just over seven inches wide. The 880 lab stands at 27 inches where the lab s stands at 23 inches. And these few inches do make a difference. The lab s can accommodate small bags and grind catch cups, whereas the 880 lab can grind into much larger 5 pound bags as well.

The HC 880 labs and the entire HeyCafé line, for that matter, offer an affordable retail grinder option that still produce really high quality results.

So let's see them grind. Today I'm going to grind on the 880 lab s so the smaller one. If you remove the ground catch tray, you can use a larger cup. I have 140 grams already weighed and this is a good size for a batch on the ground control. You can pour it into, you can pour it into the really large hopper and just slide the grounds catch underneath. Once you turn it on, you'll see that it can grind 140 grams of coffee in just under 20 seconds. So you'll see that it's not incredibly loud and grinding that fast can be really convenient if you're trying to ground large quantities at a time.

Despite being a fantastic grinder, you will see the modest price point stems from the grinder being manufactured in China and that they're equipped with the Italian made burrs rather than the German manufactured burrs that you find in Mahlkonig and ditting grinders.

So these are the Hey Cafe HC 880 Lab and 880 Lab S They are a great option for retail space wanting a quality grinder without breaking the bank and you can find them both online at And thanks for watching.

Feb 3rd 2023 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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