Video Overview | Baratza Single Dose Hopper

Video Overview | Baratza Single Dose Hopper

Apr 30th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Baratza Single Dose Hopper provides the freedom to explore all the different tastes and aromas coffee has to offer by allowing you to grind something new every day! Not to mention the added freshness you’ll get from grinding fresh with every cup. To learn more about the Single Dose Hopper, check out this video.


Baratza Single Dose Hopper

Dual-purpose lid acts as a dosing cup

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Hey there, it's Ragan from Prima Coffee and today we're going to take a look at a product from Baratza's new BARATZA gear line, the single-dose hopper. The single-dose hopper is a great option for anyone who likes to mix up their coffee daily. With this, you don't have to commit to a single kind of coffee that you've poured into your hopper and grind the same thing over and over again. And by grinding daily, you don't have to worry about your beans being exposed to so much oxygen over time, and you'll just have a fresher grind every day. Also, if you live with someone who has a vastly different preference in coffee than you, this is a great option because you can both get with what you want and there will be no bickering before the first cup of coffee is consumed in the morning. Being a single-dose hopper, it is quite a bit smaller than a standard hopper. It's only 100 millimeters high, 80 millimeters in diameter, and has a capacity of 60 grams. The lid of the hopper also acts as a dosing cup. So you can put it on your scale and weigh out your beans and then pour it directly in the hopper. And there are lines on the inside that can be used as a visual aid to measure as well. Installing the single-dose hopper is incredibly simple. All you have to do is twist and remove the standard hopper, and then there's an indicator mark on the single-dose hopper. Line that up with the arrow and then twist clockwise. If you're using this on one of the grinders in the flat burr series, like the Vario, you'll line the indicator mark up with the little notch in the back. And once you push it in and twist a little bit, it's secure. The single-dose hopper is compatible with the Encore, the Virtuoso+, the Vario, and the Forte series. And also, before using it for the first time, make sure to wash it in warm water and soap. But if you're looking, you know, if you like to mix up your coffee daily, you want to try new things and don't want to have to commit to one type of coffee for an extended period, the single-dose hopper is probably a really good option for you.

Apr 30th 2021 Reagan Jones

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