Video Overview | Ditting KR1403

Video Overview | Ditting KR1403

Nov 12th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Bridging the gap between industrial and commercial classification, the KR1403 is easily the most capable countertop retail grinder on the market. Utilizing 140mm burrs and grinding at speeds around 8lbs per minute, the Ditting KR1403 is built to meet the demands of the busiest cafes and roasteries in the world.


Ditting KR1403

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Hey, you all. Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here, and today, we're looking at the Ditting KR1403. One of the most powerful countertop grinders on the market, bridging the gap between commercial and industrial classification, and meeting the demand of some of the most busy roasteries in the world. Fundamentally, the Ditting KR1403 is what we'd classify as a retail coffee grinder, just like its smaller counterparts, the KR804 and the KR807. Anytime you see that prefix KR before a Ditting model, that means it is equipped with a spring-loaded bag clamp and a steel vibration plate. This steel vibration plate works to transfer the vibration from the motor to the coffee bag, allowing the coffee grounds to settle into a flat bed as they accumulate. This prevents mounding and ultimately spillage from that bag and also allows the barista to walk away and perform another task. The 1403 is outfitted with a stepless grind adjustment, which offers a range from true Turkish all the way up to cold brew, making the 1403 a true all-purpose bulk grinder. The 1403 is equipped with huge 140-millimeter steel burrs which spin at around 1700 RPM. At setting 8, which is around 800 microns, they'll produce about 8 pounds of coffee per minute. The coarser you grind, the faster the output will be, and as you grind finer, the output will get incrementally slower. This burr set is rated for 35,000 pounds. It is kind of a mid-range burr set, meaning it's optimized for pour-over or bulk brewing range, but there are also a couple of other burr alternatives. There is a Turkish alternative for super-fine grinding and a coarse burr option as well to optimize those grinds. The 1403 is technically rated for continuous use, though it is recommended that if you grind more than 100 pounds per day, you should look at a industrial grinder like the 1800. But anything between 60 to about 100 pounds a day, the KR1403 is going to be the right grinder. Unlike its counterpart, the 1203, this cannot run on a standard 120-volt outlet. It is equipped with a three-phase motor and it needs 220 volts. So to give you an idea of the grinder's functionality and speed, we're actually going to haul it out to our warehouse to a more industrial section that has three-phase power wire. All right. So we're out here in the Prima warehouse. I've got the 1403 plugged into a three-phase outlet and I'm going to grind about five pounds of coffee at 800 microns, that's setting 8 on the stepless dial, to give you an idea of the functionality and the grind speed. Let's do it. So that's it, five pounds of coffee in well under a minute. That's the Ditting KR1403, the ultimate retail bulk grinder for busy roasteries and cafes who pre-grind coffee for their customers.

Nov 12th 2021 Reagan Jones

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