Video Overview | Kruve Brewler

Video Overview | Kruve Brewler

Sep 3rd 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Kruve Brewler will take your grinding to a whole new level. The need for vague grind size terms is now obsolete thanks to the Brewler's ability to compare grind sizes and put precise measurements in microns. It also features a holes to measure green beans, a centimeter ruler, and a conversion chart.


Kruve Brewler

Grind size reference chart to find grind range

Hey guys. It's Reagan from Prima Coffee, and today, we are going to check out the Kruve Brewler. The Kruve Brewler is a great accessory for anyone who is ready to geek out about the grind size. It omits the need to use comparisons that are rather vague like as coarse as table salt or sea salt and actually gives numerical value to the grind size using microns. Not only does it measure grind size, but it also has different holes to measure the size of green coffee beans, and they measure from 11/64ths of an inch at the smallest all the way up to 20/64ths of an inch. On the back, it has a true ruler on the Brewler that measures up to 15 centimeters, this can be really useful when measuring something like a portafilter. And lastly, it has a convenient conversion chart that converts measurements that we see a lot of times in coffee, like from ounces to grams and pounds to grams and Celsius to Fahrenheit, things like that. Using the Kruve Brewler is very simple. I'm going to throw some coffee beans into the Timemore Nano... and grind up and see where this is at right now. Pour that out. Okay. And you really want to measure the biggest grinds and the smallest, the fines just to get an average of where you're supposed to be, and this is looking like a good medium grind, so somewhere between 800 and 1000 microns. I also have some green coffee beans over here that we can see how this works. You can compare it up to the large holes, or you can go as far as just putting it through to see where it fits. And this is about 16/64ths of an inch. It also comes with this Kruve grind size reference based on the brewer you're using, letting you know what grind will work best. So for an AeroPress, you're somewhere between a fine and a medium. So, from 400 microns to 800. So, that is it for the Kruve Brewler. If you want to add more precision to your grinding, it is a great accessory.

Sep 3rd 2021 Reagan Jones

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