Video Overview | Fellow Joey Mugs

Video Overview | Fellow Joey Mugs

Apr 8th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Sleek and beautiful, the Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mugs will make a great addition to any coffee set up. Crafted with double wall ceramic, they do an excellent job at keeping your coffee hot while keeping the outside of the mug cool and comfortable. Learn more about the Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mugs by watching this video.


Fellow Joey

Double wall ceramic

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Fellow Joey Jr.

Sold as a set of two 2.3oz cups

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Hey there, it's Ragan from Prima Coffee and today we're going to talk about the Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mugs from Fellow.These mugs are beautifully unique and aesthetically pleasing. They make a great focal point for any coffee set up. In addition to being beautiful, they do a great job at retaining heat, meaning your coffee will stay warm and wonderful for longer. Each of these are made of ceramic and have a copper-coated stainless steel bottom. They come in two colors, matte white and matte black and they come in three sizes, The Big Joe, The Joey and the Joey Juniors. What sets these mugs apart from the rest is the double wall ceramic. That means the contents inside the cup are going to stay hot while the outside stays cool and easy to touch. I found this to be true with all of them except for the Joey Juniors, where the contents inside stayed hot, the outside also got a little uncomfortably warm. Also, in a test we did, we found that the ceramic mugs did a much better job at retaining heat than your average porcelain mug. These will stay at 140 degrees for up to 30 minutes, which is twice as long as the porcelain. As you can see, they do come in three sizes. They're all very similar but they each have their pros and cons. First up is the Big Joe coming in at 12 ounces. Although it's a beautiful mug, it's uncomfortably large to carry around in one hand. Even two, I feel like I may drop it. The ceramic also makes the outside texture really slippery which feels like it could just slip out from between your fingers. A really good thing about the Big Joe, though, it did keep your coffee warm the longest. Next are the Joey's at 8 ounces. These are much more comfortable to carry around with one hand, they're perfect for two and like the Big Joe did a really great job at keeping the coffee warm. Lastly are the Joey Juniors, the demitasse, and they are my favorite. They're just so beautiful and it's such a unique design for a demitasse. The only thing about these was they did not stay hot quite as long as the larger mugs, but you're probably not going to be sipping on your espresso for as long as you are a cup of coffee. So that's it for the Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mugs from Fellow. If you're looking to strike envy in your friends the next time that they come over for coffee, look no further. I'm kidding, but they are beautiful, they do a great job at keeping your coffee hot and will make a great addition to any coffee set up.

Apr 8th 2021 Reagan Jones

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