Video Overview | Hario Electro Solo Hand Grinder Attachment

Video Overview | Hario Electro Solo Hand Grinder Attachment

Aug 5th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Electro Solo from Hario turns many of the company's manual grinders into electric grinders. The kit comes with two stabilizers--one for the Slim Plus and one for the Smart G--that hold the device in place, making one-handed operation possible, even during the difficult grinding that comes with dense coffees or fine grind settings. It also works with other Hario grinders, though not with one-handed operation, because the socket perfectly fits onto all Hario drive shafts. In this video, Steve talks through the components and then shows how effortlessly he can grind through 20 grams of coffee with the aid of the Electro Solo.


Hario Electro Solo

Effortless grinding"

Hey, it's Steve here with Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to take a look at the Electro Solo from Hario. The Electro Solo is basically a hand drill that will attach to the drive shaft over the top of the axle here on several Hario hand grinder models. It is made of plastic. It has a little silicone door at the top here for micro-USB charging. You open that up, you'll see the port. On the bottom here, we have a metal socket. And this socket here, like I said, will fit the top perfectly of these grinders. Even though all of these driveshafts are the same and so, it will fit that socket perfectly. And you can use them like this. When you put coffee in here, there is just a lot of resistance so it actually becomes kind of hard to hold on to this device when you are grinding, when there's coffee in there. So Hario has included these holders here, two of them. One of them fits perfectly into the Hario Slim Plus, as you can see on there, really snuggly, so that when you actually put this in there and turn it on, you can basically do one-handed operation. Any of that resistance that would normally sort of cause the grinder to turn, that's not going to happen when you have that holder on there. So this holder here fits onto the Smart G Grinder, that Hario just released, perfectly as well, so that you can, again, do one-handed operation when there's coffee in there. And we'll show you that here in a second. But it does not fit perfectly onto these other two. So again, even though you can grind with it technically, it is a little bit more difficult because this fits perfectly onto here because of these ridges on the inside of the Slim Plus. The Slim Pro doesn't have that. It is smooth and so, this will fit on there but the coffee will still cause a lot of resistance and it will probably turn the grinder in your hand. It's just a little more difficult with this one and there is no holder for the skirt. The Electro Solo has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. There's that little silicone door there. You can just pull that back and you can find a micro-USB port. You can see it right there. That battery should last about 30 minutes but if you're grinding finer, this battery won't last as long. So the finer that you go, the harder it is for this thing to work, the less you're going to get out of that battery. But it only takes about three hours to charge this completely. Again, this holder fits perfectly onto the Slim Plus, then this will fit in there. And you can kind of do one-handed operation at this point. You can see the coffee coming through. So that's it. The idea with this is not to make it faster, it's just to make it a lot easier on you, and again, if you're using one of the grinders where you can use one of the holders. So this one here for these two models, both the Slim models but mainly on that Slim Plus there and then the new Smart G Grinder with this. It will make it quite easy for you. You kind of see the grind. So that's it. I mean, it's a pretty simple device and it's just like I said, it's kind of like a hand drill that you're going to use on the top to fit. The socket fits perfectly onto the driveshaft on these Hario grinders. The battery should last you about 30 minutes or about 30 individual grinding sessions. It comes with a couple of accessories. Again, these holders, this one that will fit on these, this one that will fit on Smart G. It has this bag for storing or for travel and it also comes with the instruction manual.

Aug 5th 2021 Reagan Jones

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