Video Overview | Hario Smart G Kettle

Video Overview | Hario Smart G Kettle

Jun 2nd 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Like Hario's other gooseneck kettles, the Smart G offers near-total control over flow rate. In addition, it features a thermometer-friendly lid and handle, a large 1.4L capacity (with a practical volume of 1L), and a clean profile. The Smart G can be used on electric, gas, halogen, induction, and other heat sources. Watch as Steve demonstrates the features and flow control.


Hario Smart G

Thermometer-friendly lid and handle

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Hey. I'm Steve from Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to take a look at the Hario Smart G Kettle. As you can see, the kettle comes in either black or/and white. It is made mainly of stainless steel and the body is stainless steel. The handle is stainless steel as well. You can kind of see it underneath there. It has a silicone cover on there so that you don't burn yourself. The knob here is made of resin and then there's a little stopper. You can kind of see right there on the lid. And that's so that you can remove the stopper and you can put in a thermometer if you need precise temperatures. And you can put this little stopper into the handle when it's not being used. There's a little hole there. And then the thermometer, when it is not being used can just be slid into those holes as well. The total volume here is 1.4 liters but the practical volume, so how much you actually want to put in here is 1 liter. So that's about 33 ounces. You don't want to go more than that, otherwise, the water will start to boil and pop out there of that scene. These kettles are great because you can use them on any heat source, so, like, we have here on halogen. You can use them on induction, gas, electric, and so on. You will notice that there is a slight brown to that silver interior and that is not a defect. That's just a result of heating the powder coat to get that outside color to set. The design of the Smart G Kettle is much like the other Hario kettles. The spout is a little different though and the design, and the angle, and also that opening is parallel to the ground whereas, on the other ones, there's a little bit of an angle. But we can kind of show you how well this does pour. You have a lot of control over the flow rate. You can go slow, right, or you can speed it up quite a bit. Then you can kind of come back. So you do have a lot of control with this one.

Jun 2nd 2021 Reagan Jones

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