Video Overview | Timemore Carrying Case Pour Over Travel Kit

Video Overview | Timemore Carrying Case Pour Over Travel Kit

Mar 3rd 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

With the NANO Carry Bag, which has padded slots for the NANO manual grinder, 300ml kettle, crystal eye dripper and filters, and bean canisters to hold pre-weighed doses, Timemore has created the perfect carry-on for the coffee enthusiast. Watch this video to see what's in the bag.


Timemore Carrying Case Pour Over Travel Kit

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Hi. I'm Steve with Prima Coffee, and today we're going to take a look at the Timemore Pour-Over Travel Kit.So this kit has everything that you're going to need to make coffee on the go, and includes a grinder, a kettle, their own proprietary design for a pour-over dripper, three containers so that you can weigh your beans before you leave home and they're ready for you to grind, a brush to clean that grinder, and then these filters that fit inside of the Crystal Eye dripper. So let's take a closer look at all of these. So this is the Nano from Timemore. It has this really interesting collapsible handle that makes it really portable, and you can take off this as well if you need a little more room. The grinds catch is the same design, and fit as these three bean canisters. So they are interchangeable if you wanted to do that, or if you wanted to grind directly into the container that you brought those beans in, you could do that. The kettle is 300 milliliters, and it has markings on the inside to show you how much water you're adding. So there's a mark for 300 milliliters, one for 275, and one for 250. And because milliliters translates 1 to 1 over to grams, you know that 300 milliliters is 300 grams, so that you're going to need 19 grams of coffee for that 1 to 16 ratio. So if you plan all that ahead, you know how much to put into the canister before you leave home. The Crystal Eye dripper has a really unique design. It has three tiers. The first one is just completely smooth and flat so that the filter can fit directly against it, no water gets behind it. The second has narrow channels to get the water flowing, and the third one has really wide channels to make sure that there's no over-extraction at the bottom there. So that is Timemore's own design. These three canisters can fit about 15 to 20 grams of coffee, depending on the density of the bean. Twenty is kind of pushing it, but you can get 19 in here which is perfect for that 300-milliliter coffee brew. The brush is for cleaning this Nano. And because this Nano does, kind of, accumulate coffee right here between the wheel and the body, this is a really nice feature that they've added into this kit. And lastly in the kit, we have these filters that fit into the Crystal Eye dripper, you just fold the edge here, it's very similar to V60 filters in that way. And then you can open it up, and it fits in there like that, pretty simple, easy to use. So this is everything that fits inside of this case, and this case has a spot inside of it for everything. And if you wanted to clean this out, this comes off with Velcro, and you can clean it, then it goes back on, and everything fits in here perfectly. So that is the Timemore Pour-Over Travel Kit. It's everything you need to make coffee on the go. So if you're going to be in a hotel, Airbnb, or you know you're going to be in a city with not a lot of coffee options, this is just a really great kit. It's an elegant design, it's made of really durable materials, and it's just extremely portable. You can find it online at

Mar 3rd 2021 Reagan Jones

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