Video Overview | Urnex Tabz Z95

Video Overview | Urnex Tabz Z95

Apr 19th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Tabz are easy-to-use phosphate-free cleaning tablets pre-sized for either 64-oz (F61) or 1.5-gallon (Z95) coffee dispensers. To use, simply toss one tablet in the batch brewer basket, place the dirty dispenser below, and run a brew cycle. Dump the cleaning solution and then run a brew cycle of hot water to rinse. They contain blue dye for safety. If you prefer a visual guide, watch this video for instructions.


Urnex Tabz Z95

Easily clean your brew basket and server in one step

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Hi, I'm Steve with Prima Coffee and today we're going to talk about the Tabz from Urnex. So most of us are familiar with Urnex because they make Cafiza. And most cafes use Cafiza to backflush their espresso machines and also to clean the portafilters and the screens. The Tabz here is made specifically to clean your batch brewers, both the baskets and the dispensers or the carafes that you use to serve coffee in. You can also use Cafiza but the advantage of the Tabz is that they are pre-sized to fit the volume of your dispenser. And they also have this blue safety dye, which just helps you to see once the dispenser has been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed and is ready to serve coffee in. You will want to choose the size that best fits your dispensers. So the Z95 here is used for one-and-a-half gallons and above. And then there's also the F61 tablets that are used for 64 ounces and above. So the Tabz are really easy to use. You just take one of these and you put it into the basket and you'll run a brew cycle. And when that is finished, you will dump the solution. And then you will run another cycle with just hot water and you'll dump that. And then you'll run a third cycle with hot water and dump that, and then you should be good to go. So that is the Tabz from Urnex. You can find these online at in both the Z95 size and the F61 size.

Apr 19th 2021 Reagan Jones

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