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Simplicity, durability, and versatility, come together in one brewer only in the AeroPress. This tool is the trophy of travelers, competitors, and home baristas. Why? The cup truly speaks for itself.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Versatile design makes anything from single-cups of coffee to concentrated espresso-like coffee

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Hey, Chris here with Prima Coffee equipment. Today we're brewing with the AeroPress. There's lots of different ways to brew with the AeroPress, but I'm going to use the method used by Jesse Myers from Louisville Kentucky. Who competed in the Big Eastern Brewers Cup.

There are a couple things you need to get started. I'll just go over this. First, AeroPress, but the filter inside. I'm using just the plastic AeroPress paper filter. There are metal filters too. Jesse actually cut circles out of Chemex filters for his routine. But I'm just going with classic AeroPress. Pop that in. You need a pour-in kettle with some water. This water should be heated to around 200°. It's about where Jesse started, and as well will start today.

Some ground coffee. About 18 g of ground coffee here. Jesse for his routine actually sifted his coffee as a lot of competitors do. I didn't sift it. We're not sifting, we're going to use around 13 or 14 on our Mahlkonig grinder. grinder, [inaudible 0:01:20] Sort of a medium to medium fine setting. Medium. You're going to need something to press into, scale to measure along the way, something to stir with, and using my phone for a timer.

Alright so pop the AeroPress on top. Get my scale on, get that open, we're gonna add coffee first. This is a non-inverted method. You might notice, there are many ways to use an AeroPress. One of them is inverting the whole thing which we're not going to do. Too much coffee in there. So bring that back down. Right around 18, that'll do it. Get that settled and we're gonna pour all of the water at once. Sometimes people pour in a couple of different phases, but we're going to pour all the water at once. No waiting for a pre-lit. No multiple pours, just get it all going at once.

First let me turn on my scale. Now we're at zero. Right when I start pouring I hit start on the timer. I'm going a little bit slowly here. Mostly, so I can sure everything gets nice and wet. Make sure everything is saturated. I'm going to pour about 270 mL or grams. Right about there. A little more. Now I'm going to add the plunger right away. The reason I add the plunger right away is actually two reasons.

One, it keeps the heat in there but also prevents the coffee from dripping. Now one reason people like the inverted method, is because no coffee does drip through it. [Inaudible 00:02:59] of that rubber seal. This being just on top of the paper and the filter holder can drip through slowly, but I'm going to keep that on there to create sort of a vacuum, so it doesn't fall through.

Now at the one-minute mark, I'm going to this a stir. We're just about there so I'll take this off. It's a really light stir. Nothing too ferocious here. Just enough to get everything saturated. Push down. There we go looks good. Put this back on. Now this part I'm about to press. So I'm going to take this off the scale as not to damage my scale. And after about another minute. Which be right around 2.15, 2.5. I do a very slow press.

We're not quite there yet, but for the purpose of this demonstration, we're just going to press now. There would be about 2.5 minutes or so. You're going to do a very slow press. We're going to let that press take about 30 seconds. You're going to try and stop before we hear that famous hiss at the end. This is when you know the puck is totally dry. But his routine, Jesse preferred not to get to that point.

Try not to agitate the coffee too much. Once you can tell, before you get to that hiss, stop it. We have nearly a full cup of coffee there. We recommend the AeroPress for single cup servings. A lot of people are using these in cafés. They're also popular for competitions, popular for travel, or just making a quick cup of coffee at home. They're very versatile, fun to use. We like them a lot. So we highly recommend the AeroPress. Hope you it like too. Thanks for watching.

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