Video Overview | Aeropress Go

Video Overview | Aeropress Go

Mar 29th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The AeroPress Go possess all of the features and brewing technique that has come to be loved by users of the standard AeroPress, but with added travel capabilities. It features a portable mug that houses the compact AeroPress and all of its accessories while keeping them neatly bundled under a red silicon lid. It also contains a travel-sized filter holder, foldable stirrer, 14 g scoop, and an AeroPress with a smaller brewing capacity. It is the perfect size to toss into a bag before embarking on your next adventure.


Aeropress Go

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Hey there. It's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and today we're going to talk about a new travel companion for the nomadic Coffee Drinker, the AeroPress Go. The AeroPress Go was designed for the person who likes to brew and drink their coffee on the go. That means if you're looking for something to take to work, if you go on a lot of business trips and you're just sick of hotel room coffee, or if you go out camping and are looking for a brew to bring with you, the AeroPress Go is a great option because it's small and compact enough to fit into any size bag. That being said, you can have the coffee of your choice whenever you'd like, wherever you like, because the AeroPress Go brews hot coffee, cold brew and an espresso style-like coffee. When you start to assemble your AeroPress Go, you'll immediately notice that it's smaller than the standard AeroPress. The standard AeroPress can brew 10 ounces where the AeroPress Go can brew 8 ounces. But, when you pack it away into the travel mug, it comes out to be about the same size as the standard AeroPress. It's just a little bit shorter but the diameter's about the same. It also, when it's all packed away, comes out to 11.5 ounces, which means when you put it in your bag before you get on the airplane and it weighs too much, it's not your coffee gear's fault. It's probably your shoes or something. But even though it's small, the mug holds up to 15 ounces so you can still have a pretty full and hefty cup of coffee every morning. So, today I'm going to brew exactly like the instructions that come in the box for the AeroPress Go suggests.

We'll begin by pushing the plunger out of the chamber, get a filter from your filter holder and place it in the cap. Screw it onto the chamber and then you'll remove the silicone lid and place the chamber directly on top, because you can brew directly into the mug. Fill the 14-gram scoop. You can kind of just give it a shake to level it out. So, we're going to add water up to the one. AeroPress suggests pouring water at 175 degrees, so we are going to see how that turns out. We're going to pour it up to the one. And then, give it a stir with our fun stirring device. And, they say stir for 10 seconds. Now, if you're going to brew a cold brew, they do suggest stirring for up to a minute. And then, take your plunger and press gently. If you feel the air resistance, just give it a second and then continue to plunge. Great. And once the plunger hits the grounds, you can remove it. Now, with what you're left with, you can either drink it as is as an espresso style drink, you can add more hot water, which I'm going to do, up to about an 8-ounce cup. You can add room temperature water or cold water to have a cold brew, and you can even add milk to it and get a latte-style drink. Just a few things we'd like to note is that the AeroPress Go is dishwasher safe, as long as it's on the top rack. That's not really necessary though because the chamber is cleaned after every plunge. You will want to rinse off the cap and if the inside of your AeroPress does end up getting sticky over time, you can always clean it with vinegar. It works. And AeroPress suggests that you take the end of the plunger off on occasion and wash it in warm water and soap. Like the standard AeroPress, it needs a finer grind, so that's where a grinder like the Timemore Chestnut Nano comes into play, because it's designed for those finer grind settings as well as being small and compact like the Go, so everything fits in your bag really well. So, if you are looking for a brew to take with you on the go, camping, traveling, to work, this is a really good option because it'll fit in your bag, it brews coffee really fast and it gives you a variety of options, hot coffee, cold brew and an espresso style. And it's all done in about a minute and you really can't beat that.

Mar 29th 2021 Reagan Jones

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