Video Overview | Anfim SCODY II Commercial Espresso Grinder

Anfim SCODY II Commercial Espresso Grinder.


Hey, Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today, we're going to take a look at Anfim's Scody II Espresso grinder. Now, this is a pretty fantastic commercial grinder. It's Anfim's sort of a resurgence to the specialty coffee industry where they've come up with a few new products. They've rethought some of their classic designs and brought them more into the modern age to make them more applicable to the way that we like to pull espresso today. So we've got a great kind of square, fairly compact footprint here. Really, it's not a flashy grinder but it is nice and compact. It will sit on most espresso bars. We have a set of 75-millimeter flat steel burrs inside. Those can be upgraded to titanium-coated which will give you longer life out of them. They'll stay sharper for longer, so that will give you a little bit more consistent coffee over the lifetime of that grinder. However, they come with a flat steel burrs standard. We have a five-pound hopper up top. That can also be swapped out for one-pound hopper if you don't feel like you need that amount of coffee. So if you're doing, I don't know, single doses or something like that, you are able to get a smaller hopper and start with smaller amount of coffee.

Anfim SCODY II Commercial Espresso Grinder

Two easy-to-set programmable timed doses

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We have a worm gear adjustment that uses this sort of micros knob here to make small changes. That's really nice. This is a dedicated espresso grinder, at least it's intended to be, so you're not going to make very big changes on the grind wheel. So you are know the knob allows you to make very fine changes to adjust for your coffee, you know, changing throughout the course of the day. It's very easy to make small tweaks. Now, this is also an on-demand grinder, that's kind of part of the Scody name. So we have a spout here it's a doserless grinder and we have a set of adjustable forks plus this momentary switch here that your pour filter hits as you insert it into the fork. The new spout has a new declumping mechanism which you'll see in a minute when I grind some coffee. That will make for a nice fluffy mound of grounds right in the middle of your basket. And that's great because, you know, even if you're grinding kind of fine, you don't have to deal with those weird clumps that can throw off your extractions. So you'll get a little bit better even extraction, thanks to that declumper. We have two timed-dosing settings here on the side panel. Each of those is adjustable within tenth of a second, and it's very, very easy to change.

All you have to do is hold down your desired dose button. You'll wait for the screen to blink, and then the first option that you will have is the whole seconds. You can go up and down on the controls. You can hit that dose button again to switch to the tenth of a second, and again, go up and down on the controls. And then one more time on the dose which will lock that in. It's a very quick and easy to switch, great for when you're dialing in the morning. You can change your time dosing to adjust to whatever your dose needs to be, especially if you're making rapid grind changes. Now, we found that dosing is pretty accurate within one gram, and that's fairly reliable throughout the course of the day. The Scody does have a nice, large cooling fan on the back, so it stays relatively cool even in a higher volume environment. You will see some changes if you're pulling a lot of shots back to back to back. But for most mediums and somewhat high-volume cafes, it's going to be pretty darn consistent throughout the day. We also have a pulse-grinding button down here at the base. So if you just need to kind of, you know, grind a quick tenth of a gram or so, to top things up, you can do that. Or if you are just winging it and you want to just try a new recipe, you can do that without having to play with the timed-dosing settings.

Now, retention in this grinder is right around five maybe up to eight grams usually. That's partly because of the declumper. You will have a little bit more coffee building up in the throat in-between the burrs and the spout. That's just a function of running a declumper. There has to be some coffee there in order to kind of force out. So if you're coming to the grinder after a long period of rest, or you had a rush earlier and it's been pretty slow, you might want to give a good...we think about five grams is okay, in terms of the purging, to clear out that old coffee and replace it with some fresh coffee. Overall, a really fantastic grinder. Let me show you what it's like to grind with this. It's really, really easy. And again it's an on-demand grinder, so it grinds as long as the portafilter is in place. It's interruptible, so if I grind a little bit and pull my portafilter out and then I go back, within a few seconds, it will finish counting down that same time. So if you need to stop and groom or, you know, you're interrupted for some reason, you can come right back to grinding your coffee. So again, we get pretty nice even amount of coffee. It's a little bit forward in this basket, but I can just give it a few taps and a little bit of the finger groom to settle and we'll have a nice, even puck after tamping. So that is the Anfim Scody II. Thanks very much for watching.

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