Video Overview | Astoria Gloria SAE Automatic Espresso Machine

Video Overview | Astoria Gloria SAE Automatic Espresso Machine

Aug 23rd 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Astoria's Gloria SAE is an automatic espresso machine that's earned its bragging rights. With features that render recovery time virtually non-existent, the Gloria SAE is an ideal machine for even the busiest of situations. It also offers immense versatility and control, all through easy to use design that frees up baristas and improves bar workflow! See the Gloria SAE in action and learn more about its abilities in this video, as Ryan overviews this superb machine.


Hey guys. Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here today. We're going to be looking at Astoria's flagship machine, the Gloria. This machine is awesome for mid-to-high- volume cafes because of it's high wattage and water capacity. So it has a heat exchange operation and that basically means inside there is a single boiler which heats water past boiling for your steam and then there are some copper lines that come through it to heat water to a sufficient temperature for coffee brewing. So it comes in cold and gets just about to that right temperature for coffee. This machine also features volumetric control so that basically means you can program the amount of water that is dispensed into the group head so that every shot is a consistent weight. So you get six of those per group which is a ton and that option is really awesome for consistency like I said, but also allows the barista to step back and kind of perform another task like steaming milk.

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Moving on, we have pre-infusion capability. The machine will automatically do it for you. You engage a shot and it'll dispense water at full pressure for just a moment, then allow that water to dwell in the puck. This helps with an even saturation and then it launches right into that full pressure. Moving on it also has raised groups. So that means you can put 16-ounce cups underneath with no problem or 12-ounce cups. You can use these platforms if you want to use espresso cups, it kind of shortens the distance there. So let's look at the steam now. The Gloria a features joystick steam wand. So if I hold this in the down position it's going to continue steaming. When I'm done steaming if I want to purge all I have to do is tap it just to the side. Really convenient feature.

The Gloria is also available with an auto-steamer. Basically, with that model, you get a temperature probe that comes down parallel to the wand that is keeping track of your temperature as you're steaming. Once you've hit that target it's going to automatically shut off. Also with that model this logo is replaced with a screen for that temperature tracking. I'm going to go ahead and pull a shot and give you an idea of how this works. So I'm using eighteen and a half grams of Peruvian coffee which is really awesome. And I have set one of my volumetric profiles to approximately 40 grams out. So I engage that, and the machine's going to do the rest.

I'm freed up now to walk away, grab a milk pitcher, fill it up with milk and start steaming. That's really efficient for a busy cafe. The Astoria has a 4400-watt heating element which is going to ensure that you have virtually no recovery time. So this is awesome for mid-to-high-volume cafes, especially if you get the three-group version which features 5000 watts of heating power. And so if you're looking for a machine that can keep up with your busy cafe and has some really useful features, you're going to want to check out the Astoria Gloria. Thanks so much for watching.

Aug 23rd 2018 meredithlangley

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