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Hey, Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment and we're checking on Baratza's brand new Forte Grinder right here. We have the Forte, which is a small, commercial grinder in two options. There's a brew grinder, which means it's oriented more for a pour over, and manual brewing, and that sort of thing. There's also an espresso brand. They look exactly the same, really the same outside, the same interface, the same guts, all except for one big difference, and that is the burr set. So the brew grinder is actually going to have a 54-millimeter steel burr set. Those are flat burrs. Whereas the espresso grinder called just the Forte has a 54-millimeter ceramic flat burr instead. So besides that they function the same, I'll show you exactly how that is.

  • Baratza Forté Flat Burr Coffee and Espresso Grinder

    The Forté is available with either steel or ceramic 54mm burrs

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Like some of Baratza's other grinders, they have a micro adjustment ton the left side marked A through Z and then a macro dismount on the right side marked 1 to 10. So you really have a full range of grinding ability here. The brew grinder is probably going to see more of that range just, because it's made for manual brewing, French press, pour over, decide whatever you like. For the normal Forte, the espresso version, you're going to be using more of that lower range for espresso of course. But even within that, you have all those micro adjustments and a couple of the macro adjustments that you use for espresso grinding. So beneath the hood of both of these, you're going to see small scales. We do have a weight-based dosing here.

Grinders can dose both by time and by weight. And then you have the little grounds bin right here that sits right on top of the scale. And you can see the scale reaction when I put it on there. When you do put the porter filter holder on top, it does cover that scale, so that you're not actually grinding by weight when you're making an espresso. At that point, you're just going to have to be using time like any other time dosing espresso grinder.

So what you can do to build a more accurate and almost grind by weight for espresso is you can use the grounds bin on the normal Forte, see exactly how long it takes to get the dose that you're shooting for and then save that in the time setting. Save that time that you figured out. So it's really pretty easy to get going on this and save your reprograms. You could see on the interface right here, you have a manual option, which just means start/stop. It's just going to keep going until you tell it to stop. You have three presets and you have, under the weight category, the same thing -- manual and then presets. Again that is the exact same for the brew grinder here. Yeah, let's go ahead and make some coffee with that.

So I'm going to go ahead and use my first preset here. You can adjust these really easily. With the little arrows you here, you can adjust it in seconds. I'm going to do about 15.5 seconds for the dose that I'm going for really easy. You're going to save that just like on some of the other grinders just by holding that number. So if I want 15.5, pull that down. If I want 15.4, hold it down again. If I like 15.5, it's really easy.

You can see that the Forte is actually considerably quieter than some of the other grinders that you might be using with it or you might be comparing it to. It's just not that loud for what it does. It can fit in a shop setting without really overwhelming the room at all. Now both of these Fortes, whether you're doing the espresso option or just the brewed option, they have Baratza's new reclosing hopper.

So right here in the back of the hopper, we have an open and a close. That's to stop the flow of beans, so that if you pick it up, you're not going to make a giant mess. In the past, to empty out the bin at the end of the night, they're going to have to tip the whole grinder upside down or just grind it all the way through. This time, you can actually open it and close it, so it's really easy to save those coffees and get going.

So again this is the Forte new grinder from Baratza available in an espresso option or a brewed coffee option. The price on these is just around $900. The ceramic burr option, which is for espresso, is $899, while the steel version is $919. So right up, they're pretty competitively priced. They're quiet, all metal enclosure, which is new for Baratza, is really sturdy and really built to be put inside of a shop. And especially for capacity like a decaf grinder, or a single origin espresso, or brewed, or something like that.

So these are really built to be in a shop. They're going to withstand the wear that you put on them, and they're going to grind consistently with an easy interface. They're really, really easy and fun to work with. Baratza Forte.

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