Video Overview | Baratza Vario-W Weight Based Grinder

Baratza Vario W Weight Based Grinder


Baratza's Vario introduces programmable timed and weighted dosing to the coffee aficionado at home. With a simple digital display and a full range of step-grind adjustment, brewing with and repeating different methods and doses couldn't be any easier.

Baratza Vario-W Weight Based Grinder

Vario-W uses real-time weight-based grinding with a built-in electronic scale.

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Hey, Chris with Prima Coffee Equipment! Today, we're taking a look at Baratza's Vario Grinders. With the Varios, Baratza's introduced a couple of new ways to grind and dose coffee at home. Right here in front of me is the Vario-W. The Vario-W actually grinds with weight underneath the ground's bin there is a scale, a small sensor that detects how much coffee is inside the bin. Once you load that, you can easily tear the scale with a tear button and you're just getting the wave of that ground coffee. On the other model of Vario, the simple Vario without the W, does a similar feature but actually with time.

So different presets and you can tell the grinder how long you want those presets to run. So for this there are three presets, one, two, three. And each one is programmable, so they correspond to weight. You choose a number and then you can program in by holding a number down and how much coffee you want the grinder to grind by weight and it'll repeat that over and over and over again. So that's a really unique dosing feature of the Vario Grinder or the W and the Vario.

Now, take a look at the rest of the grinder and see what it's all about. Here we have micro adjustments and macro adjustments. These are the ways that you actually adjust the grinder. A very simple, intuitive way to adjust grind setting. And we're here with the macro, we have one through ten, which is fine through coarse. It comes with a full range in different grind applications, all the way from Espresso to medium settings and for Chemex, all the way up to Kalita, French press, cupping grind, etc. On the other side we have these micro settings. These are used to dial in. They're very small adjustments.

So once you find the general range you're going for the macro side, use the micro side to really dial that coffee and get the grind just right for your desired extraction and time. So micro adjustments, macro adjustments we have these different programmable ways of dosing time and weight.

Say, we'll take a look at the rest of the grinder. Underneath the hood, we can easily pop off that hopper. So easy to take off your grinders and look at the burrs in here. These are actually 54-millimeter flat ceramic burrs. The Varios can also come with steel burrs. The ceramic burrs, which are really easily removable, with the included removal tool, are preferable for grinding for Espresso.

So if you are setting this up for either home or commercial use and to make Espresso, you can stick with the included ceramic burrs. But if you're using the grind for manual brewing instead, pour over or something like that, replacing those steel burrs is really good idea because they're cut and designed to really highlight manual brewed coffee. So you can pop this back up pretty simply. Really easy to work with for maintenance and cleaning, etc.

Those burrs, the 54-millimeter ceramic and steel burrs, grind just around 2 grams per second, so that fluctuates depending on the actual grind setting you're at, but it's about twice the speed of the Encore. So it's a pretty nice speed for a home grinder. The hopper up here holds about half a pound and the ground's bin at the bottom here on the Vario-W hold about 5 ounces. Now because this doesn't have a scale underneath, the Vario not W, only grinds with time, holds about half pound too. So about 8 ounces of ground coffee at the bottom there.

So this is the Vario-W. Vario line is great for home or light commercial use. For manual brewing, for espresso, the time and the weight programming features make it great for easy, repeatable results. You can do the same thing over and over again. Adjustments are really easy. We covered the full range of different applications and we find it works really well in cafes or homes. So this is the Vario line, we highly recommend it, and we think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

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