Video Overview | Bonavita Coffee Maker BV1900TS Automatic Brewer with Thermal Carafe

Video Overview | Bonavita Coffee Maker BV1900TS Automatic Brewer with Thermal Carafe

Dec 10th 2015 Written by meredithlangley

Who says a good brew and convenience are exclusive? Behold, the Bonavita BV1900. Your SCAA-approved ticket to a simple cup of solid coffee.


Bonavita's line of automatic coffee brewers is renowned for great functionality at a great price. The new Next-Gen BV1900 brewer is another step forward, adding great new features to the classic design, and once again earning them the Specialty Coffee Association's stamp of approval.

Bonavita Coffee Maker BV1900TS Automatic Brewer

Redesigned showerhead, more powerful heating element, and a pre-infusion brew mode.

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Hey. Steve with Prima Coffee equipment. Today, I have the brand new BV1900 brewer from Bonavita. Now this is a revision of the 1800 series brewers that we know and love, with a few new features that are going to make some coffee enthusiasts very happy. The first change that we have distinct from the BV1800 series is that instead of a melitta style number four filter, we're going to use a basket filter. So, these are flat bottom basket style filters, the eight to 12 cups you've probably seen in a lot of Mr. Coffee brewers. But, the Bonavita's taking advantage of these with a newly designed wider showerhead. So instead of using the melitta style, it's going to have a wider distribution that's going to help improve your coffee extraction.

Now these are 40 ounce brewers. They brew right around 200 to 203 Fahrenheit just like the 1800 series do, and they've got a brand new heating element. It's about 1500 watts. So a little bit more powerful than the previous series. Now the other thing that's distinct is this new one-touch switch, and it has two brewing modes built right in.

So if I hold this button down for five seconds, I'm going to set it into pre-infusion mode, and you'll see it blink twice. So that's mode number two. Mode number one is just the normal on until the water runs out brewing mode. Pre-infusion mode will basically pulse the water throughout the brew, so it's going to take around a minute longer. But what that does is it allows you to use fresher coffee and it allows it to bloom a little bit right at the beginning of the brew, so it'll off gas a little bit, the grounds will swell, and then the extraction will complete and you'll have a much richer, fuller tasting cup of coffee.

Now, if I want to brew here, I just got some grounds. I would want to grind a little bit finer than a melitta because the brew bed is a lot wider and shallower than the melitta cone will be. So grounding finer allows me to extend my overall brew time and again, get a more full extraction. So, if I just click this on right now, you'll see the button is going to flash in pre-infusion mode. In the normal brewing mode, it would be a steady on, so this is how I know that it's going through pre-infusion mode right now. My 1.3 liter reservoir up here, I've only got about a liter of water in it right now, but the water's going to kind of suck down, go through the heating element and then sort of pulse through the shower head rather than a steady stream.

So the first couple of minutes is just going to be an on and off pulse. And then it'll wet the grounds, it'll allow them to swell a little bit, and that's great for most coffee enthusiasts who are using really fresh coffee, because it allows that coffee to just get rid of all the C02 that's built up that's still lingering in the coffee grounds. But you know, if you're using pre-ground coffee or it's a little bit older, you can always just set it to that normal brewing mode and just brew that way and get your coffee that way.

Now, I can always interrupt the brew as well. I just hit the button again. During the brewing cycle, the machine is set up so it turns itself off. There's no real on/off switch. It's not a toggle, it's just spring-loaded. You turn it off with the same button. And if I want to set it back to normal mode, I can just hold it again for five seconds. And then it'll flash once and there you have it. These modes are set up so as long as the machine is plugged in, it keeps the mode from whatever the last setting was. So if I do consecutive brews without changing the brewing mode from one to two, it'll either be pre-infusion or normal, whichever one I set it to last.

Now, these come with stainless steel thermal carafes. These are dual wall stainless steel. The old models used to have glass. These are only stainless steel. There's no glass inside of them so they're a little bit more durable, but they just as easily keep your coffee warm for hours on end. Finally, the machine is, you might notice if you're familiar of the Bonavita line, it's actually smaller than the BV1800 series. So these have a smaller foot print.

They're a little bit more kitchen friendly but nonetheless, powerful and great automatic brewers for the home. That's the BV1900 TS. It is Bonavita's latest SCAA certified automatic brewer. It's a great machine for the price and these new modifications are really great and help you get the best cup of coffee you possibly can. So thanks for watching.

Dec 10th 2015 meredithlangley

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