Video Overview | Bonavita Coffee Maker Glass or Thermal Carafe Automatic Brewer

Video Overview | Bonavita Coffee Maker Glass or Thermal Carafe Automatic Brewer

Dec 14th 2014 Written by meredithlangley


Bonavita's automatic coffee makers combine unapologetic convenience with uncommonly good coffee. Their design is simple, their function, reliable, and their performance, sit back, watch, and taste for yourself.

Bonavita BV1800 - Glass Carafe Automatic Brewer

Sports a shower head "trickle" design for even coffee bed saturation, leaving no dry, under-extracted spots in the bed.

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Hey, Chris here with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today, we're going to brew with the Bonavita automatic coffeemaker. This is the glass version of Bonavita's automatic home coffeemaker. It's a fantastic entry level automated coffeemaker for the home. Let's go over a few things that make it great. For one, it's extremely easy to use, on/off switch, has a heating element that consistently delivers water at right around 200 degrees, and the showerhead right under here evenly saturates the coffee.

It comes with kind of a wedge shape, almost Melitta-type filter cone on the top but you can also use Kalita dripper or B-house, something like that will fit over the carafe. So, let's go through what it takes to brew this.

First, you're going to need a coffee grinder to grind your coffee fresh, you need the brewer itself, you need some coffee, we're using Sunergos blend from Sunergos coffee in Louisville today. You're going to need some coffee filters. These are Melita number fours that I'm using. Any number four size filter will work well. You're also going to need something to measure your coffee. I use a scale for this. You can also use a coffee scoop.

So I ground some coffee, just kind of a medium-fine setting. I'll show you what that looks like. This is going to be for a half-liter batch. I'm not making a ton of coffee, just enough for a cup or two. You want to change that grind setting if you're going to make anymore, but for a batch of this size, that medium-fine setting works really well. On this particular Encore, that's right around a 10. That's not going to be for every Encore, but if yours is calibrated anywhere near where mine is, around 10, that lower half of the spectrum's going to work pretty well.

Take out the dripper cone and carafe here. I pre-wet my filter and I already put it in there. This is a Melita number four, and I'll add that coffee. This is about 32, 33 grams of coffee, depending on the size of your coffee beans. If they are really dense beans or really large beans, it's going to make a little bit of a difference. You might find that you're using four scoops. I use four scoops, if you're using scoops instead of a scale. I do prefer a scale, it's more accurate, but if you're using a scoop, maybe three or four scoops or so for this half-liter batch.

Then I measure this at the scale also about half a liter of water but you can also use the markings on the side. This has volume metric markings on the side here in milliliters, 200 up to 1,300 and in cups with one cup being five ounces. It says that right there so really easy.

About half a liter of water here, 500 milliliters. We add that in. That's cold water. You see, I measured that with the scale but it's right around 500 on the markings, which is right around three cups. Now, I'm using cold water here but we've actually found that you can sort of temperature surf with this brewer. What that means is that if you add hotter water to the top, you'll find that your actual brew temperature is going to be a little bit hotter than what the machine usually uses, which is about 200.

So if you're trying to dial it in a little bit, which not everybody does with an automatic coffeemaker, totally fine, but if you wanted to do something like that, you're able to sort of surf around that temperature, by adding temperatures of water to start with.

So we go ahead and slide this in. Just put the filter right on top, line everything up, kind of duck it under, and slide it in. On/off switch right here. Hit that and it will get going. This has an auto off, so that will turn off once you're all done but it also has a heating tray, so you can keep coffee hot on the glass carafe model by keeping the carafe on there and it will keep your coffee warm.

Now I don't prefer to keep my coffee warm that way. I find that the quality and the flavor actually deteriorates a little bit, if it's kept heated for a while but if you prefer it piping hot, then go for it. That's totally fine. There's also a thermal carafe version of this same brewer and that has a glass lined double wall of thermal carafe that keeps coffee quite hot, even without the heating pad. So you can hear that this is getting to go already. It just started to release some water on top of the bed there.

Take this off so we can see inside a little bit. It takes a little bit to get the whole thing saturated but that brew head does actually surprisingly nice job of getting all of the coffee wet. It does sort of pulse cycles, you know, on and off a little bit but the radius of that particular brew head works really well for this filter cone shape. It gets everything nice and wet, extracts evenly and we found that this is the easiest way to make a solid cup of coffee.

So Bonavita glass or thermal carafe automatic coffeemaker. It makes a great cup of coffee, really nice price point, and with relatively no hassle. We think you'll like it. Thanks for watching.

Dec 14th 2014 meredithlangley

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