Video Overview | Bonavita Dual Voltage Travel Kettle

Video Overview | Bonavita Dual Voltage Travel Kettle

Oct 21st 2015 Written by meredithlangley

The Bonavita’s Dual Voltage Electric Travel Kettle is perfect for world travelers who love a good brew. Its base features a switch for quick adjustment between 110V and 220-240V power, and its removable power cord neatly packs inside the kettle, for less hassle and more luggage space. Be ready to brew in no time, no matter where you go, with the Dual Voltage Electric Travel Kettle by Bonavita.


Hey there, Steve from Prima Coffee here. Today we're going to take a look at the Bonavita dual voltage travel kettle. Now this is a half-liter kettle. It's made of stainless steel. It's a compact kettle made for travel.

Bonavita Dual Voltage Electric Travel Kettle - .5L

Help your brewing go mobile with this portable electric kettle.

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It has some cool features like a detachable power cable. You can just plug this in here when you're ready to use it. You know, plug it in. There's a switch right here on the handle so you just pop that on. You've got a nice lid as well, so you can let your water boil for coffee or even oatmeal or something like that if you're on the road. It has a boil dry sensor as well, so if it basically is left on for a long period of time and it boils the water once it starts detecting that there's no more water left, it will turn itself off.

The really unique feature here is that it's a dual-voltage kettle. There's this little switch on the bottom that allows you to switch it from 120 volts to 220 volts just like that. Super easy to use. So if you have to travel overseas, if you're traveling outside of the United States, say you're going to Europe - some place where they're going to use 220 - you don't have to use a transformer, you can just get a plug adapter and plug it directly into the wall. That's really handy. It cuts down on the amount of luggage you have to carry with you, the amount of plugs and things that you have to take with you as well. You can just take your kettle, get a little adapter for the wall, and you're all set. You can even get - if you can find a three-pronged adapter like this - you can even get a new cord and bring it with you. So if you know that you're traveling to Europe, for instance, and you know that you're going to be using a two-prong plug, you can just get one of those, pack it in here, leave this one at home, use it for when you're back in the United States.

Really simple, just a small half liter kettle. Perfect for travel, nice and compact. You can use it for storage as well. Pack it in your luggage, put some beans and filters and things in here and it's wide enough you could even put a small dripper or a small Kalita Wave even. So that is the Bonavita dual-voltage travel kettle. Thanks for watching.

Oct 21st 2015 meredithlangley

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