Video Overview | Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

Video Overview | Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

Dec 9th 2014 Written by daniel.hurd

For those of us without the luxury of a gas stove (or a campfire) at hand, there's the Bonavita Electric Kettle. Just flick the switch, test the temp, and you're ready to brew.



Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

This Bonavita is a great choice for those new to manual home coffee brewing or those looking for a good kettle to travel with.

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Hey, Chris here, with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Bonavita's Electric Pouring Kettle. The Electric Pouring Kettle is a great, basic and electric pouring kettle for pouring over coffee but we like a lot of same reasons you like the stove top model. You have an easily-removable lid that actually locks in place so it doesn't fall off by pouring and has holes large enough to fit most popular thermometers.

You have similar, steady, and predictable flow rate. It could be very slow or pretty quick, which is great for pouring over coffee, and a pretty comfortable handle too. It's made entirely of stainless steel and holds about a liter of water. This base can be plugged into most three-prong outlets and making a really quick and convenient heating of the electric base here.

The handle looks a little bit different but so comfortable and we have a switch on the side here that turns off automatically once your water is boiled. You can see what the flow rate looks like. You can go quite slow, barely creeping out there or you can go quite fast too. Offers really easy control and that flow pattern is great for all kinds of pouring over coffee.

So Bonavita's Electric Kettle, we love it. Think you will too. Thanks for watching.

Dec 9th 2014 daniel.hurd

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