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Hi, I'm Rusty Angel from Bunn, the field correspondent. Here to tell you a little bit about our Trifecta. So, the Trifecta is a single cup brewer. It uses what we call Air Infusion Technology to really allow you to dial in to the nuance of your very favorite single origin coffees. The way that we achieve that is by allowing you full recipe control over every single one of the variables of brewing. Everything from your coffee water contact time, to how turbulence reacts in the brew, to how the pressure is used in the press-out phase. There's actually a total of 11 variables that you can change for each one of your coffees to really dial in to the flavor nuance that you're looking for. Today I'm gonna brew some Papua New Guinea coffee for you. Trifecta's built on a platform that makes it really user-friendly to use. The cup handle is really comfortable for either right-hand or left-hand use. And it pairs up perfectly with our Trifecta version of the grinder.

Bunn Trifecta Automatic Single-Cup Brewing System

Control and manipulate 11 brewing variables

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Once you've put your coffee in, you're ready to go, because the on-board computer holds all of the recipes. Within the recipes, you've got all of those variables of brewing, and you can put in up to 15 different recipes in your Trifecta. We'll get that one started, and then we'll watch the Air Infusion process go. The filtration in Trifecta is a very small metal filter. Does a couple of things for you here. One is that it's sustainable. Second is that it allows some really great oils to come through, and intense aromatics to come through as well. Really highlighting and accentuating your resulting cup. Right now the Trifecta's going through pre-infusion, making sure that we're saturating all of our grinds before we enter into extraction. Once the Trifecta reaches full brew volume, we'll begin to inject Air Infusion in there, causing the turbulence.

It's really important to dial your turbulence in in terms of the three different things that are happening. One is the presence of turbulence, which is what you see here. You can tell the Trifecta how long you want that turbulence to happen. Then you divide up the time and pulse frequency, and almost a pulsing of turbulence, meaning that it's gonna be on and off throughout the extraction phase. Then at the very end, you're dialing in the amount of force that the turbulence comes in. This is really important when you're dealing with different densities of coffees, different roast levels of coffees, looking to make sure that that force is matched with what that coffee is. At the very end, we've got another variable of force, and it's the press-out pressure.

We do pressurize the chamber, and allow it to push that coffee out through that metal filter into whatever vessel you're brewing into. By changing that force, you can begin to manipulate what the finish of the coffee is, whether you have a nice, long, lingering surfy finish, or whether you end up with something that's a little bit more dry on the palette. Once the press-out is complete, you can serve your coffee, and then clean up is really, really super fast. Just open up, take your brew cup, knock out your grinds, either rinse or wipe it. Same thing with your brew chamber, either rinse or wipe, and then you're good to go for your next cup. Trifecta automatically recovers the brew tank and is ready to go for your next brew right after. Thanks so much.

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