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Hi, I'm Sidra with Prima Coffee and today we're going to go over the Convenient coffee kit bundle, which includes the Bonavita Automatic Coffee Brewer, the BV1800, along with the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder, and a Prima Coffee mug. Now the reason that we've paired these items together is because we have an easy to use, high quality grinder alongside an easy to use, high quality coffee maker. And so, you get the best of coffee with the best of convenience like the name says.

Convenient Coffee Kit

Combine a Bonavita automatic brewer, Baratza burr grinder, and your very own Prima Coffee mug and you'll be looking at the simplest specialty coffee set-up around.

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So I'm going to go ahead and fill up our Encore. Now the hopper holds about a half pound of coffee, and you can actually adjust with step adjustment here right at the neck. You just turn the hopper. It also has these great reference numbers so you can remember the exact size that you would like to use for different brews. And there are two ways to grind with the Encore. There is a pulse button here at the front, which will stop grinding as soon as you let it go, and then there is a on/off switch here at the side, which you can just let go of and let it run. And all of your grounds end up here in the grinds bin and that's it. So very, very easy to use, great, entry level grinder.

Now over to our BV1800. I've already set up a brew. So we're just going to pop it in there. It uses a Melitta type of cone here at the top, and it takes Melitta #4 filters as well. We'll just slide it in. Fill up our water right here. There are numbers on the side for reference, or you can weigh your water, whichever you choose. And just turn it on.

The nice thing is that you don't have to babysit it. It will just go all by itself and stop when it's done. There's a great heating element here at the bottom, so it will keep warm for whenever you're ready to come back to it. So yeah, that is the Convenient Coffee Bundle by Prima Coffee. Thanks for watching.

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