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Hi. My name is Bruce Constantine, the President of Espro. I'd love to talk to you about the Espro Press. This is the first major change in the French press in over 30 years. The Espro Press does three things that no other French press in the world can say. First, it filters coffee twice. How? There's two filters in this press. The first one is nine times finer. The second one is 12 times finer than any other French press in the world. Together, they make a grit free cup of French press coffee. The second thing it does is, it keeps the coffee hot for hours. How? These are a double-walled vacuum vessel. It means that there's no air between the layers, and it keeps the inside hot, the outside cold; together it will keep your cup of coffee hot for about two hours.

Finally, the third thing is that, when you press the Espro press down, it stops the extraction in the pot. It needs pressure for the coffee to pass through these filters into what you're drinking. And once you press the filter down, there is no more pressure. So, the implication is that the last cup of coffee tastes just like the first one, and that's very different. So, together this means that you can make coffee before your meal and serve it after. It means that you could taste the finest, freshest coffees and you could serve them at your table, and enjoy them in a conversation. That's the three things that a French press has never been able to say before: Hot for hours, grit-free, and the last cup tastes like the first.

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