Video Overview | Fellow Move Mug

Video Overview | Fellow Move Mug

Apr 19th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Carter Move Mug from Fellow is the coffee drinking commuter’s best friend. Equipped with multiple on-the-go-compatibility features like a removable splash-guard and a diameter that fits perfectly in cupholders, the Move Mug works to ensure your morning coffee is ready to be taken on the road, mess free, without the loss of any of the important sensory experiences that come from the perfect cup. Check out this video to see what fun and useful features come with the Carter Move Mug, and you can shop it at


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Hey there. It's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and today we're going to talk about the Carter Move Mug from Fellow. Everything about this mug was designed for the commuter coffee drinker, you know, the one with their coffee in one hand and the other hand on the steering wheel. Well, this mug was designed so that you can drive without the fear of spilling, splashing, or losing the desired temperature. Like other Fellow products, this mug has a modern and chic design that will go well with any of the other Fellow products that you may have. They come in 3 sizes, an 8-ounce, a 12-ounce, and a 16-ounce, and in a variety of colors. The mug is 77 millimeters in diameter, which means it is compatible with most standard-size cup holders. I know it works well in all of the cupholders in my Toyota RAV4. Another fun feature it has is the snap-in splash guard. We all have one story at least of us spilling coffee all over ourselves in the car, and this will protect you from any potholes, swerving, bumps that you may encounter while trying to drink your coffee on the go. The Move Mug comes equipped with a dual-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel that is designed to keep your beverage at a consistent temperature. Our tests have shown that you can keep coffee at an ideal temperature of 140 degrees for up to 6 hours, 120 degrees for 3 hours, and cold pretty much all day. I have woken up and put ice and water in here, and by dinner time, there's still ice at the bottom, unmelted. It also is lined with a ceramic coating so that you don't get the metallic taste of the stainless steel. It also has a wide-mouth, thin-lip design that allows you to get the full aroma of your coffee in every sip. I have found this to be true. It just makes it a more pleasant experience getting both the taste and smell. It also comes with a leak-proof lid that has worked wonders for me. I've stuck it in my purse, I have thrown it in my backpack for a hike, I've thrown it in my passenger seat, and I've had no leaks, spills, and no condensation build-up, which means no condensation rings on my desk, and no unwanted moisture in the contents of my bag. A few things to be noted about the Move Mug is that although it's compatible with most pour-over drippers, it will not work with your AeroPress. Also, the lighter colors are more susceptible to getting scuffed and scratched, whereas we didn't see that so much with the black one. Small thing is when you take the lid off, sometimes there is liquid build-up, and it will get on your pants or on your desk, and you'll have to clean that up. Fellow does suggest that you wash this by hand with a non-abrasive sponge because it can damage the ceramic coating on the inside. And if you do decide to put it in your dishwasher, make sure to put it on the top rack. One last thing, make sure not to put this in the microwave because there's one thing that's for certain. That is stainless steel and microwaves do not go together, I promise. So if you're looking for a new insulated travel mug to take on the go with you, the Carter Move Mug may be a great option for you. It'll keep your coffee warm and wonderful while keeping you dry and mess-free.

Apr 19th 2021 Reagan Jones

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