Video Overview | Fellow Raven Stovetop Kettle and Tea Steeper

Video Overview | Fellow Raven Stovetop Kettle and Tea Steeper

Oct 12th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

The Raven kettle by Fellow lets you heat and steep or boil and pour. This multi-functional stove-top kettle is designed with a color-coded thermometer dial and a removable brew basket, to make steeping your tea as accurate and simple as possible. Take the brew basket out, and the Raven kettle becomes a quick route to brewing up a french press or enjoying a tasty cup of noodles. To discover more, watch along as Steve gives a complete overview of this attractive kettle from Fellow.



Hey, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're going to take a look at Fellow's Raven kettle. This is their sort of combination tea steeping kettle/just kind of general water kettle. It has many of the same features of the Stagg kettle, including the counterbalanced handle, the one-liter capacity, and a silicone lid with a built-in thermometer. But instead of a pouring spout, we obviously have...or, I'm sorry, a gooseneck pouring spout, we have a largemouth spout up at the top here. We also have a tea basket included. It has this really fun sort of geometric hole pattern etched in there. And I'm actually going to drop this in right now because I'm going to brew some tea. I'm going to remove my silicone lid here and just drop that guy right in. And I'll put the thermometer back on. And just give it a little bit of a swirl just to help infuse those leaves a little bit more. So we have a one-liter capacity stainless steel kettle here.

Fellow Raven Stovetop Kettle and Tea Steeper

Electric, gas, and induction compatible

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This is a stovetop kettle, so it's compatible with electric, gas, even induction ranges. Really great build quality. We've been very impressed with Fellow's kettles so far. We have an ergonomic handle here, great for holding and pouring, with a counterbalance weight in the handle, so it's a little bit more useful for those sort of delicate pour overs that need a little bit more attention to detail. But still very handy if you're pouring from your wrist here. It makes it a little bit more comfortable to have that full liter of water on the front end of your hand. We do have this nice wide mouth spout up top. Great for doing things like cuppings, or just kind of brewing needs where you might not be so concerned about flowrate like a French press or really any immersion style brew, Aeropress as well. And, again, we have this nice silicone lid on top with the built-in thermometer.

So the Raven has a thermometer with a sort of indicated range of sort of tea steeping temperatures. Not everybody's going to agree with them, but we have sort of green, yellow or herbal, and black teas noted on the dial. I'm steeping an herbal tea, so I have my temperature up quite hot, which is sort of where I like it for something like a peppermint tea. But, again, just a very nice little kettle, great design, looks very attractive and modern, and, of course, with that built-in steeping basket, really great for tea. You can start your water on your stove, get it up to the temperature that you like, and then load up your basket and drop it in, just as I did, steep it for a few minutes, and then pour straight out and enjoy. The basket's going to hold on to all the tea leaves and keep the silt or dust or whatever to a minimum so you can enjoy a nice, crisp refreshing tea. So that is the Raven kettle by Fellow. Thanks for watching.

Oct 12th 2017 meredithlangley

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