Video Overview | Fellow Stagg EKG Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

Video Overview | Fellow Stagg EKG Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

Jan 18th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

The Fellow Stagg EKG variable temperature kettle is everything you could want in a pouring kettle: it's sleek and stylish, fast and accurate, and an absolute joy to use. With the EKG's 1200 W heating element and smart PID controller, you can quickly achieve water heated to your exact desired temperature. The EKG is simple and intuitive to use, and like the stovetop Stagg kettle, it features a precision pouring spout and counter-weighted handle for better pour control. Ready to learn more? Watch along as Steve demonstrates using the Stagg EKG pouring kettle by Fellow!



Hey, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we are going to take a look at Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle. This is their newest kettle. This is a variable temperature brewing kettle with some really cool features, a great overall design and a really easy to use interface. We love a lot about this kettle, so I'll jump right in and tell you about it. It's a stainless steel kettle. You'll see that it comes in black. It's a 900 milliliter capacity, so it's a little bit smaller than some of the others you might see on the market, but plenty enough for people who are doing, like, one to two cups or even some larger brews here and there. Maybe not the best option for really large brews. But I think for most people who are brewed coffee at home this is going to be a great option. We've got a lot of the same features that you know from the Stagg. We have the counter-balanced handle, a really nice ergonomic grip. We have the newly-designed tapered spout that you've probably seen in the newer Staggs. So this has a nice control over your pour, and it's a nice, clean tip, so it doesn't have the dribbling problem that some of the earlier ones did. Down at the base, we have some really cool controls. We just have one button and knob. It's a combination, little control there, plus the screen on the side that does the majority of the controls.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

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We also have two switches on the back that I'll get to in a little bit. But right from the start, you'll see that I have my temperature set in Fahrenheit. I have a HOLD notification, and then you'll see that it's kind of wavering between 204 and 205 right now. That's because I've set it to 205. Now, in order to change that, it's extremely simple. All I have to do is turn the knob left or right, and you'll see my set temperature changes accordingly. So if I set it to 208 right now, you'll see I have my set temperature on top plus the current temperature in the kettle. Once it hits 208, you'll see that the HOLD comes in again. Really, really simple, very easy to use and very quick and responsive. So, this kettle has a 1200 watt heating element inside, and that's more powerful than some of the other kettles, the variable temperature kettles on the market. So it's very quick to respond, very quick to heat up. And then the software inside, the PID controller, is also very precise. So, the way it's tuned is it uses a lot of energy to get quickly up to temperature and then kind of tapers off as it approaches your set point so it can more accurately hit that. Once you hit your set temperature, we do have a HOLD mode, which I noted on the screen a little bit earlier. If you're not in HOLD mode, it will hold that temperature for five minutes. If you turn on the HOLD mode, it will hold it for 60. If there is 5 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on what setting you're in, of inactivity, the kettle is just sitting on the base, it will automatically go into a 15 minute standby mode.

So that's just it's not heating, but it's still on. After 15 minutes of idle time, it will just turn itself off. Very, very nice feature. You don't have to worry about the kettle being on all day. It will take care of everything itself. It's a great safety feature. Turning the base on and off is very simple. You just have this one button control. So one press to turn it off, one press to turn it back on. And in just a few seconds, the base has booted back up, and you're ready to go. So let's also take a look at what it's like to use this kettle. I have just a little pourover set up here. I'll turn my scale on. Also built into the base is a pourover timer. So if I just hold down the button, you'll see that there's a count down, three, two, one. And then it will jump into a time. So it's just going to count up while I'm brewing, and I'm just going to start my bloom here just to show the flow from that spout. So, nice and clean, again, pretty much drip free. I've got a lovely little taper on the end of that spout that's going to give me good pour control. Now, in terms of flow rate, this is a slightly slower flow than the Bonavita kettles or even the Hario Buono kettles. It's not really the sort of kettle that you would use to just dump in a lot of water. So that's something you might notice when you're rinsing your filters, but during brewing, it's really not much of an issue.

We found that even doing large brews, really pushing that 900-milliliter capacity and completely filling up the kettle doing this large brew as possible. We haven't really found that that flow rate is much of a problem at all. It's very, very easy to get your maximum flow, and it's more than enough for most brewing environments. It's really, like, you know, for a large brew over a liter, you know, one and a half liters or two liters or something like that, where you'd really want an extremely fast flow rate out of your kettle. Well, you don't really have the capacity for that in the Stagg EKG anyway. So it's more than enough for those 900-milliliter brews and smaller. And you have great control, thanks again to that counterbalance handle as well as the tapered spout. And even that reduced flow rate makes it somewhat easier to control. So we've got a really fantastic variable temperature kettle here. Very attractive design, looks fantastic in any modern kitchen. Plus very, very easy to use, and they put a lot of thought and detail into the usability making the kettle just dead simple to use, simplifying the controls and making your life easier so you can just get to brewing coffee. So, that is the Stagg EKG by Fellow. Thanks for watching.

Jan 18th 2018 meredithlangley

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