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Fetco XTS Extractor Coffee Brewing System


Hi, my name is Todd Cossette and I'm with FETCO. And we're going to talk a little bit about our new line of brewers, the XTS, which is our Extractor Touchscreen Model. The difference between this brewer and our E series brewer is basically nothing other than the software version here. The program ability and the ease of it is to program. With the new XTS series you're able to brew four different recipes on the left side, four different recipes on the right side. If it's a single unit, obviously you would only get four recipes for one unit. To go into the programming mode, which is a lot easier, user friendly than our extractor series, you simply turn off the brewer, turn it back on, touch the screen and hold it for three seconds. At this point, it will take you right into the programming mode. If you scroll down, it'll say batch summary and then dispensing summary.

Fetco XTS Extractor Brewing System

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These are the default settings that you can adjust with the parameters and with the unit. Every one of these, like I say . . . I'm sorry, you can go ahead and change the parameters simply by touching the screen and then you're in the batch summary mode. Scroll into the right, you can put in the name of the batch, the name of the recipe that you want. For instance, dark, medium, light or decaf, or an origin, whichever one you want. Then you simply scroll down and then you go through the alphabet system to enter that. You've got the batch volume. If you want to adjust the batch volume, you just scroll down one and you can adjust it simply by just scrolling up or scrolling down. And that's the same with the rest of them. The brew time, the number of pulses. The number of pulses, you can have one to 30 and that's for each brew. So that's pretty much it.

Other than, you can do the pre-wet percentage, you can do drip delay. All that can be changed simply by going into this programming mode. If you come over here, we have an SD card slot and what that does is allow you, if you have multiple units and you want to keep the recipes consistent, to go ahead and put the SD card slot onto your laptop and then download that information, so that you can go ahead and just enter that into the brewer. And then you'll have a consistent brewer for each location that you send that brewer to with the recipes. What it also allows you to do is, if we have any software upgrades, updates, where we have a lot of customers who are requesting us to do this or do that or change this or change that. You can download that from our website onto your computer, onto the SD card and it will simply update the version of the software without having to buy software or the unit itself.

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