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Those who brew with the siphon are familiar not only with its theatrical charm, but also the intricacies of a fully manual brewing process, one that for almost 200 years has proven difficult to execute with precision and consistency. Hario's Beam Heaters are the solution to that problem. A repeatable, precise, and safer alternative to the open flame. Hey, guys. Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here. And in front of me are a couple of what are called beam heaters. If you're unfamiliar with what a beam heater is, basically it is a water heating device that's designed specifically for siphon brewing and as an alternative to using an open flame with the butane burner or an alcohol burner. So the beam heater features a 350-watt super bright, super hot halogen bulb that shines upwards through this tinted piece of silica glass. And this tint helps dim that super bright light while allowing that heat to penetrate and get your water up to boiling if you want.

Hario Beam Heater BGSN-350U

Great alternative to butane and alcohol burners

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So this is Hario's classic analog model. It's been around for a long time. It has one basic control up front, an analog control of power. It has an extra outlet up here in case you want to, say, daisy-chain multiple in a coffee shop. And this platform here is designed specifically for Hario and Yama siphons. You can fit the legs directly around this, and the bottom bowl will sit here just about an inch above the light. Moving on, we have the evolution of the analog beam heater, which is the Hario Smart Beam Heater. Now what really separates this from the analog version is the LCD touchscreen up there, which offers some programmability as well. I'm going to come around and we're going to take a look at that. So each of these yellow and orange bars represents 10% of the total power capacity available to you. And you can either drag or press where you want the power to be set at. For example, that is set to 60%. Also available is a timer, brewing, stop and reset that. Also available on this screen are two memory modes, A and B. So I'm going to hit the set button. You can, just like the first screen, set the power in increments of 10% up or down. And you can also set time by minutes and seconds. And from the home screen, you can launch directly into either one of those programs, just like that.

Hario Touch Beam Heater BGSN-350U

New Smart Beam Heater with touchscreen control and programmable recipes

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Another mode that this has is called "probe." And this is where the real precision of this unit comes in. So the first setting here is called "heat." And what it's going to do is turn the lamp up to full power and it's going to get your water up to boiling. It'll also start a timer for you. Next is "brew." Now, with brew what you can do is set power in increments of 1%, instead of 10% of the previous programmable modes, which really gives you the ability to finetune a specific brew temperature. It will also start a timer. Brew mode power can be set and saved and recalled when the button is pressed. "Keep" basically is what it says it is. It keeps your coffee hot after it's been brewed. So using a low temperature like this will be just fine. And then there's "stop," which obviously just stops the process. "Keep mode" is also programmable via the power selection. Just like brew, it can save that and recall that, and that's it. This is an awesome device because it brings some precison and repeatability to the siphon brewing process, which we really haven't seen before. So that's it. These are our two beam heaters. Check them out on our website. Thank you so much for watching. Have a great day.

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