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Hario Coffee Grinder Mini Mill Slim


Hi. Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Hario's Mini Mill Hand Grinder. This is a fine little hand grinder that's particularly useful for travel or just having a really lightweight grinder around for single cup pour over service.

Hario Coffee Grinder Mini Mill Slim

The Mini Mill includes easy grind adjustment, a lidded hopper, and a removable grounds bin.

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It has a couple of different parts. We have a lid for the hopper here, handle with which you grind, hopper up top, burrs are tucked right in here, and the grinding chamber where the ground coffee goes.

A couple of reasons that we really like the Mini Mill. It's incredibly simple to adjust the grind, for one. Put the handle up top and just sort of brace it with your finger, and there's this little wing-nut at the bottom that clicks. You can close it all the way for a starting point and then just count clicks from there to actually memorize what grind setting you want.

It does a full range of coffee grinding, from something really fine, like close to espresso, and even really coarse like for French Press. The chamber down here holds about 24 grams of ground coffee, so it really is just for single cup service. The hopper up top holds a bit more than that, but you do have to empty this a couple times if you're going to do a really big batch of anything.

It's incredibly lightweight, being made almost entirely of plastic, except for the metal handle and the burrs which are actually made of ceramic. [inaudible] As you can see, it's really easy to hold, has this naturally-shaped contour throughout the body. Has a big handle to grab onto. It's incredibly lightweight, making it totally simple and comfortable to use.

Again, it can use a full range of grind settings and it uses those conical ceramic burrs to grind. It's surprisingly consistent for a grinder of its size and the burrs are even spring loaded to kind of improve the consistency, especially at coarser settings.

Hario's Mini Mill, really useful for travel, single cup pour over service or any other brew method that you could possibly use it with. We like it, and we think you will, too. Thanks for watching.

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