Video Overview | Hario French Press Line

Video Overview | Hario French Press Line

Jun 3rd 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Hario’s line of French Press brewers bring an extra measure of elegance and quality to a timeless style of brewing. Whether it’s the classic Metal press, the handsome Olivewood Single-Wall press, or the elaborate Olivewood Double-Walled press, you’ll find Hario’s signature glass construction and a meticulously-crafted steel mesh filter for a delicious brew without any unwanted grounds. Discover the one that’s right for you, as Steve walks through the unique benefits of each of these beautiful, functional brewers.



Hario Metal Coffee Press

Constructed with high quality heatproof glass and stainless steel

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Hario Olivewood Coffee Press

Beautiful olivewood accents and a stainless steel mesh filter

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Hario Double-Walled Glass Coffee Press

Constructed with high quality heatproof glass, olivewood, stainless steel, and leather

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Hey there, it's Steve, from Prima Coffee. Today, we're going to take a look at Hario's line of french presses. Now, we have three different models here. We have the Hario metal press, we have the new olivewood single wall french presses, as well as the olivewood double wall french press. Now, both of these models are available in 300 and 600 milliliter sizes, so these are both the 600. If you want, basically, the half size, like a one cup kind of brewer, we have those available as well. The double wall glass is only available in a 400 milliliter size, so a little bit smaller than this in terms of capacity, but you also have the thermal properties of a double wall of glass.

So, starting with the metal carafe, we have pretty standard french press. We have a nice glass chamber. It's a metal foot. The metal is actually glued onto the bottom of the glass here, so you aren't able to pull the glass out to clean it, but the whole thing is dishwasher safe, so that's not such a big deal. We have a metal top, a metal plunger. All this is stainless steel, as well as a three layer filter system which is, you know, pretty common for french presses. But the attention to detail that Hario has applied to their filter systems is really exceptional. Sometimes with french presses, you'll find that, you know, the filter apparatuses are wobbly and they'll swing to the side as you press, and it'll allow coffee grounds to come out. These are really, really sturdy in comparison to those.

The whole thing unscrews so you can take it apart to clean it. We've got a nice fine steel filter mesh here as well as a really well made spring. This spring is made so it kind of locks in on itself, and it's really nice and even all the way around so you get a really good side seal as you're pressing down. Which is great because nobody likes grounds in their coffee. So this helps prevent any grounds from coming up the sides, and just keeps it all down at the bottom as you press. Moving on, we have the olivewood press. These are brand new. We just brought these in. Again, same thing, you've got your same steel filter system, same high quality, only instead of the metal accents you have solid olivewood. Really attractive design. This is sort of a classic look coming back for the contemporary coffee brewer, or cafe, or what have you. It's really just a great accent. It looks fabulous, especially when you have like the nice deep brown of a french press coffee.

We do recommend hand washing these. Again, the filter part comes apart. You can just unscrew it and then clean the parts individually. Olivewood, if you want it to last, and of course you want it to last, you want to take care not to let it soak in water. You want to make sure it stays fairly dry. The glass can actually come out of the metal cage so you can throw that in the dishwasher. And, again, if you have any coffee splatters or something just, you know, hand wash with like a damp cloth or something on the wood, just to keep it protected and make sure it has a nice, long life.

Now, the double wall press has, again, a double wall construction, and this is actually a sealed double wall, so it's a vacuum insulated brewer. And that means you're going to see a lot less heat loss while you're brewing, which is great because, you know, the added heat can really help give a more balanced extraction to your french press brews. It's just really great for brewing and getting a better quality coffee. Again, same thing, really great filter design. We have a modified lid here that has just a little groove taken out so you can pour out through the spout. And the lid itself sets just inside the inner lip of the glass, so you have this really attractive, compact design. Now the glass stays cool to the touch because it's insulated, but we still have this great wood neck design element here. Really nice to grab onto, it's got a slight lip to it's ergonomic -- great to grab on.

And it's got a beautiful little leather wrap. Again, we want to make sure that the wood is well taken care of, so we recommend hand washing this only. Just to preserve the life of the wood. The leather, too, can shrink or crack over time if it gets too wet, or if it gets detergent in it, so we want to make sure that that stays clean and dry just sort of on its own. But that is Hario's line of french presses. They are just beautiful as well as functional. Thanks for watching.

Jun 3rd 2018 meredithlangley

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