Video Overview | Hario Heat Resistant Coffee Decanter - 400 ml

Hario Heat Resistant Coffee Decanter


Hario Heat Resistant Glass Coffee Decanter

This decanter holds about 13 ounces of coffee and will fit neatly underneath V60 01 or 02 cones.

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Hey. Chris here, from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Hario's Heatproof Decanter.

This is a glass server. It's made with Hario's famously strong glass. It holds about 400 milliliters and is microwave safe, and has a wide enough top that you can actually put most pour-over drippers on top. This is the V60 here, Kalita Wave, Bee House, that sort of stuff.

It's very strong, useful for individual pour-over service, useful for giving to customers who decant their own coffee, and again, it's microwave safe. And we really like it a lot. I think it'll work very well for most everyday uses. Thanks for watching.

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