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Hario Server V60 1000 ml Glass


Hi, I'm Chris with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Hario's Coffee Server. This is a 1,000 milliliter server, designed by Hario, made in Japan.

Hario Server V60 1000 ml Clear Glass

Thick glass retains heat longer and is more resistant to breaking

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It's useful for making pour-over coffee and serving brewed coffee into cups. Has a plastic lid with some slots that you can actually pour through, and a whole plastic collar and handle that makes for a really comfortable grip.

The entire thing is made with really strong glass. It's actually all microwave-safe. It holds about 1,000 milliliters, so a full liter there. It even has, on the side here, some different volume metric markings in cups and also in milliliters. It's really useful for pour-over coffee. If you're not using a scale, you can actually watch the water level rise as you brew. You can still get a pretty precise brew without having a scale.

The top is wide enough to accommodate a range of pour-over drippers. This is designed particularly for V60 drippers, but it can work with a lot of different drippers as well. Hario's V60 1,000 milliliter server - we like it a lot. We think that you'll enjoy it too. Thanks for watching.

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