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Hario V60 Buono Kettle


Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're looking at Hario's Buono pouring kettle. Buono is one of the most classic pouring kettles for pour over brewing for a couple of great reasons.

Hario V60 Buono Kettle

Low-mounted spout for an easier, more comfortable pour

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It has a very steady responsive flow rate; pour very slowly or you can actually pour quite a bit at a time. It comes in a couple of different sizes. This is the classic 1.2 liter or about 40 ounce model; there's also a smaller version. This holds 1,000 milliliters, which is right around 33 ounces. They're both great for a single cup pour over. Obviously, this is going to be better for larger batches, but both work well - both small batches, small amounts of water and completely full to the top.

They're both made completely out of stainless steel, and some plastic here on the handle and the lid. There's no plastic or anything besides stainless steel touching the water inside. They're both good for heating on many different surfaces. You can use these over gas flame, on electric range, induction, halogen, anything. You can use these on all sorts of different kind of heaters. You could also preheat water in a separate container or in a water boiler, and add to these, if you're taking into account the big temperature drop.

We like them both because of the impressive flow rate, because of how lightweight they are, versatile, with the ways that you can heat them up, and because the handle is just really comfortable. It has this molded plastic that follows the contour of fingers, and makes it really easy and comfortable to pour for long periods of time if you're doing a large batch of coffee.

Buono's one of our favorites, one of the most classic pouring kettles, and you can actually compare it to some of the other popular pouring kettles on the market, in one of our other videos. Thanks for watching.

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