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Hario V60 Range Server


I'm Chris with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Hario's Range Servers. These are glass servers that come in a couple of different sizes. They're really good for using for pour-over coffee, and for serving customers, or your own drinks, into cups.

Hario V60 Range Server

Tough glass paired with a glass lid and rubber seal to keep your coffee hot.

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There are a couple sizes. This is a 360 milliliter, which is about 12 ounces. There's also 600 milliliter, or about 20 ounces, and then at about 27 ounces, we have the 800 milliliter. These are referred to by Hario as sizes one, two, and three. Those correspond with the different sizes of their V60 drippers.

Each of these has an opening that's wide enough to accommodate V60 - it's what they're styled to go along with. Any of the V60 drippers can fit on any of these servers, which makes them really great for pour-over service.

They also come with a lid that has a rubber insert and protects the glass from banging against each other. Makes for a really nice stable seal, but it's not a complete seal. You can actually, as you saw, pour right through the lid. It keeps heat in and you can still pour at the same time.

V60 Range Servers come in a couple of different sizes, they're microwave safe, made with really solid glass that makes Hario famous. I think you guys will enjoy these. Thanks for watching.

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