Video Overview | Hario X Hiroshi Sawada Latte Art Pitcher

Hario X Hiroshi Sawada Latte Art Pitcher


- Hey folks, it's Steve of Prima Coffee here. Today we're gonna take a look at Hario's Special Edition Hiroshi Sawada Latte Art Pitcher. Now this is a BPA free plastic, and it has a lot of great features to it, especially if you're interested in latte art. Namely the nicely pointed and tapered spout here with a really good center axis that you don't necessarily always see on stainless steel latte art pitchers.

Hario X Hiroshi Sawada Latte Art Pitcher

This pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic and has a 20 fl oz capacity.

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Now the side is graduated, it has a maximum capacity of up to 20 ounces, but it's only marked to 16 ounces and 500 milliliters, so if you want 20 ounces you can just go kind of a little bit above the line here. Again, it has that really great tapered pouring spout and a really nicely open top, which helps get a really deep and swirling vortex to get much better consistency with your milk. Now because it is plastic, you aren't going to be able to steam by feel like you might with a stainless steel pitcher so if you're used to that, it might take a little getting used to, kind of going with your gut or learning to use a thermometer. If you're already steaming with a thermometer, it really doesn't change anything at all, in fact it's easier to handle because the plastic insulates against the heat.

So let's steam some milk and take a look at how this is gonna work. I'm just gonna add 200 mls here. These graduations are really great for kind of conserving milk waste and being a little bit more precise with your milk so if you're using it as a training tool, you can teach your baristas to only use as much milk as they need, cut down on your costs that way. I'm just gonna pull a shot here real quick. I already got my cup and everything good to go.

So steam as you normally would. Let's introduce a little air, get a nice vortex going. Again, that big, open top gives me so much room to get my steam on in there and get a really deep, nice vortex going. And I'm just sort of steaming by ear here now. Shot is done. Give that guy a tap and a swirl. Swirl my milk here. And again, we have that really nice pointed, tapered spout so I can get real good fine lines in my milk. Real great detail, really working on the definition of my latte art. So that is the Special Edition Hiroshi Sawada Latte Art Pitcher by Hario, thanks for watching.

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