Video Overview and Installation | SSP Multi-Purpose Burrs

Video Overview and Installation | SSP Multi-Purpose Burrs

Feb 5th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The 64mm Multi-Purpose Red Speed coated burr set from SSP was engineered to create fewer fines than traditional espresso burrs in order to deliver clarity and acidity for both espresso and filter brewing. As a result, they work best with light roast and single origin coffees and unconventional ratios above 1:2. In this video, Steve shows you how to install a set of SSP Multi-Purpose burrs in a Lagom P64, one of the many grinders compatible with these burrs. See the listing for a full list of compatible grinders.


SSP Multipurpose Burr

Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride coating (Red Speed)

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Hey, I'm Steve with Prima Coffee. And today, we're going to show you how to install this set of multipurpose burrs into a Lagom P64.So, right now, we have a set of high uniformity burrs in the Lagom, and those are great for your traditional espresso. If you're using one to two ratio, if you're using blends, medium, dark roast coffees, that's what you're going to use the high uniformities for. But these here are the multipurpose burrs and they are made by SSP. They're coated in that red speed, which is a layer of titanium, aluminum, carbon nitride that means these are going to last forever. They're going to have great grip on the coffee. The high uniformity burrs have those as well but they have a different purpose. So, these here are if you want single origin and light roast espresso, you're going to want these. You're going to probably push the ratio a little farther than one to two. You're going to get one to two and a half, one to three, maybe a little farther. These produce fewer fines, and it does allow you to kind of push that. It's going to be a different mouthfeel with these burrs. It's not going to be your traditional espresso. It's going to be more of that sort of modern take on espresso. But as the name implies, they're multipurpose, so you can also use them for brewing. And that is because they do produce fewer fines, it does kind of unlock that medium area.

So, to install the burrs inside of the Lagom, you just need the burrs, a flathead screwdriver, and then you're going to need like a brush to clear away any of that debris on the burr inside here. So, to get the top off, you will just hold onto the body of the Lagom and turn this collar counterclockwise and sort of screw off the top. And then once you have that off, you have access to both burrs. So, the first one here is the stationary burr. So, that's going to be here. And put that aside here, we'll come back to that. And this here is the rotating burr. So, you just take your flathead screwdriver and go ahead and remove this one. This is the more difficult one to get out. So, you want to hold onto the burr as you do this, get some leverage. Going to use this screw for the new burrs, so keep that. So, now that the screws are out, the burr really just needs to be pulled straight out. And this step is actually a little difficult, but what you need to do is you need to get leverage on both sides of the interior of that burr, and you just push on those and once you get it, you can lift it straight out. You can see that it is loose, right? So, once you have that, so then you can just lift it straight out there like that. So, this here is the high uniformity burr. Again, this is for traditional espresso. So, we'll put that aside. And then we can go ahead and clear away a lot of that off of the burr carrier. And then now, we can take the multipurpose burr, make sure that you do look at the bottom.

So, SSP labels them. This is the top and this one here is the bottom. So... Go ahead and get that in there same way you got the other one out. Okay. So, then just line up the holes there. So, once you have that, you can go ahead and take the screws, go ahead and get them in their place. Okay. So, there you go. So, that bottom burr is in. And so, now, you just need to take out the top burr in the same way. This burr just comes right off. Just clear away anything there. Take your multipurpose burr. Again, this is the one that says top, get it into place. So, once you got both burrs in, you can just go ahead and replace this one into its slot. That's in there. Take the collar of the Lagom and screw it back on. You might have to change the adjustment there to get it its final way. There you go. So, now the Lagom is ready to use for brewing and for your light roast coffee. So, that is how you install a set of burrs on a Lagom P64. You can find these burrs online at

Feb 5th 2021 Reagan Jones

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