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Kalita Wave Pot Pouring Kettle - 1 Liter

The Kalita Wave Pot Kettle raises the bar on temperature stability and pour control.

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Hi, Chris here with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Kalita's Wave Pot pouring kettle. Wave Pot is just a beautiful kettle that's styled really similarly to the rest of Kalita's brewing accessories. It looks really nice next to the Wave Dripper, servers, et cetera.

Has a very impressive and wide range of flow rates. You can go very slow, very quickly. It holds 1,000 milliliters, making it suitable for just about any manual brewing application - single cup, couple cups at a time, et cetera.

I really like it because it has this wooden handle, the wood top, and those things with the stainless, make a really nice contrast and a beautiful presentation. It really makes for an elegant look that hopefully imparts some quality to the whole experience.

1,000 milliliter stainless steel kettle, works really well with the Wave line of brewing accessories. We like it a lot. We think you will too. Thanks for watching.

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