Video Overview | Mahlkonig EK43 S Commercial Coffee Grinder (2018 Coffee Expo)

Mahlkonig EK43 S Commercial Coffee Grinder


Mahlkonig EK43 S Commercial Coffee Grinder

Stepless grind adjustment with customizable grind range calibration

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Hey guys. This is Steve. We're here at Especially Coffee Expo 2018, and we've got the EK43S finally in North America. It hasn't been released yet. We're looking at probably later 2018, maybe sometime late summer, early fall. Still kind of waiting on certifications, but it's really great to see it here in Seattle, being shown off to basically tell the world that it's coming. So, we already saw this in Milan at Host 2017. Nothing's really changed. Again, it's still just kind of waiting on certifications. UL and NSF certifications for the U.S. So, we have the same motor and same burr set as the EK43. We have a shorter stature, a shorter body basically. You can get either the short hopper or just the small one kilo hopper.

Almost everything else is the same EK43 that you know and love. We do have the updated pre-breaker as well as the updated sheer plate inside. But both of those are already present in the EK43's being sold in the U.S. And we also have these new toggle buttons that are a little bit more durable. So, if you're a cafe that does a lot of single dose grinding, these guys are going to last a lot longer than the buttons that came in the previous models. So overall, we have a nice, short stature. Gives you a little bit more clearance for sticking it under a cabinet, or just having easier access to get into the top of the grinder. Really excited for it. Can't wait to have it hit the market. So, look for that sometime later 2018.

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