Video Overview | Mahlkonig GH1 Retail Coffee Grinder

Video Overview | Mahlkonig GH1 Retail Coffee Grinder

May 3rd 2017 Written by meredithlangley

The Mahlkonig GH1 is the right pick for any shop that needs a simple, powerful grinder for grinding coffee straight into the bag. It’s 85mm flat steel burrs and powerful motor combine to crank out around 1 lb per minute at medium drip settings, and closer to 1.5 lbs per minute at the coarser end. With it’s two included detent plates, you can customize your grind range to offer greater control to your baristas or optimize simplicity for customer use. In this video, find out everything you need to know about the GH1, as Steve shares on the ins and outs of this powerful retail coffee grinder.



Hey, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today I've got the new Mahlkonig GH1 Retail Coffee Grinder in front of me. Now, this is a fairly no-frills kind of grinder. It's mainly meant for retail use, so if you're grinding bags of coffee for your customers or larger bags for shop use, that sort of thing, that's really where this grinder is going to excel. So it would be a perfect grinder to have in the shop for whenever your customers are buying a retail bag of your coffee and they like it ground for home, you can throw it in this guy and he'll take care of it in a real quick jiffy. Now up top, we've got a 4.4-pound hopper with this nice, big, plexiglass door. We have a finger guard on the inside, but plenty of room in here to dump a very large bag of coffee in. Maybe you're doing a large batch of cold brew and you need it ground pretty quick, it would be great for that.

Mahlkonig GH1 Retail Coffee Grinder

The GH1 features 85 mm flat steel burrs

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Like I said, those 1 pound, 12 ounce bags for your customers or the retail bags, it would also make very short work of those. We have a three-stage switch up here. It has an off, and on, and a run setting. You'll notice it's basically in the on position right now. The off locks, the on locks, and then the run is actually a momentary switch, so it's spring loaded. In order to have the run sort of kick on, you need to have a bag locked onto the chute because there's a little depressor bar in the back, so it needs that bag to push that bar and let it know to run. And the grinder will run as long as that bar is depressed. So that's convenient because that means once you're done grinding, you can just pull the bag off and the grinder will shut itself off for you. Now we have a nice, big, dial on the front. You'll notice that I have two distinct sets of settings and that's because there are two detent plates that you can use with this grinder. They are labeled here as self-serve and professional. The black one is self-serve, the blue inner ring is professional. Now there are nine settings for the self-serve detent plate and that's what we have installed here.

The overall grind range runs from pretty French press coarse to the finer end. They say espresso, we don't recommend trying it for espresso, but if you need a finer grind for whatever you're brewing, you can get that far. We just don't recommend it for espresso because there's not enough, really, resolution to actually dial in your shots should you need it. We'd recommend something a little bit higher-end for that purpose. But there is a spare detent plate to get those extra 8...up to 18 settings for the professional range, so should you need a little bit more resolution, say you find yourself between a 5 and a 6 while you're grinding coffee for your batch brews or something like that, you can get that extra resolution with that second plate which is very easy to install. You just take the handle off and you install it in the back of the handle. Down below, like I said, there's this basically bag clamp style chute. It does have the depressor bar and there's a nice, snug fit back here, so all you really need to do is shove the bag up and it will be held in place whether it's a retail bag or a larger wholesale style or maybe just a five pound bag like I said, if you're doing cold brew or something like that.

You've got a very strong spring-loaded knocker to knock all your chaff and excess grinds loose after each grinding session, and then we also have a front plate that's adjustable, and you can loosen or tighten these screws as needed so you can get a nice, wide spout or more shallow, narrow one, depending on what your needs may be. Also very helpful when you need to get a brush up under there and brush it out and clean it. Down below we have a removable stainless steel grinds tray. Very convenient to remove, toss out your grinds, give it a little brush, and throw it back in place. Now back up here, we have 85-millimeter flat steel burrs. They are very big burrs. They spin at pretty high RPMs and we have a 550 watt motor behind it, so you're talking about maybe 1 to 2 pounds a minute at the maximum. At those finer settings, you're probably, maybe, a half pound per minute. But in that drip range, we're looking at a pretty good one pound per minute average. Our experience is that you probably get maybe a pound and a half on the coarser end, depending on the coffees that you're using, but it wouldn't be too crazy to say that you could maybe get two pounds per minute if you are grinding very coarse and have the right kind of beans running through it.

Also included with this grinder is an accessory kit. You get a couple of screwdrivers and a brush in here and then also, like I said, these detent plates. So this is the professional detent plate. This has 18 holes and as I said, all you really need to do is take off this handle and you can reinstall this plate instead of the self-serve or vise versa as needed, and you have all the tools you need to do that included with the grinder. So that is the GH1 Retail Batch Grinder. Again, very, very good grinder to put in your cafe grinding those retail bags of coffee. Could use it for batch, you might need to kind of finagle a way to get the spout to work for you to grind into your filters or into another container to dump into your filters, but I'm sure a little ingenuity will go a long way there. But overall, a very, very nice product from Malhkonig and it's actually Mahlkonig USA's first product under their name, rather than Mahlkonig Germany. So there you have it. The GH1 Grinder. Thanks for watching.

May 3rd 2017 meredithlangley

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