Video Overview | Mahlkonig GH2 Retail Coffee Grinder

Video Overview | Mahlkonig GH2 Retail Coffee Grinder

Apr 29th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Mahlkonig packs convenient upgrades in its new GH2, making it the best economy retail grinder on the market. With its redesigned spout, full range of grind sizes, and simple operation, the GH2 is not only ideal for customer use, but easily meets the needs of any cafe seeking quality, uniform grounds at an attainable price. Want to see it in action? Watch along as Ryan explores grinding with the Mahlkonig GH2.



Hey, guys. Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Mahlkonig's latest grinder, the GH2. This is the second iteration of the GH1 that they released about a year and a half ago, and it is intended to be an economical option, as a retail or customer-facing grinder. Part of the reason that it's less expensive than a lot of other Mahlkonigs is it has Italian-made burrs instead of the Mahlkonig-made burrs, and it is also made in China. So, the GH2 has, first of all, a massive hopper. It has a 4.4-pound capacity, which means that you can dump a bag in there, clip it to the spout, and walk away for three or four minutes while it does its work. Moving down, we have an on/off switch, just a rocker switch with a cover over it to make sure that it stays clean.

Mahlkonig GH2 Retail Coffee Grinder

Full grind range from fine to coarse

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And one of the biggest differences between the GH1 and the GH2 is its grind adjustment. So, instead of stepped adjustment, this one has fully stepless between Turkish and a super coarse grind, so anything that you need between those two settings is going to be available here. The biggest, probably most important change in this grinder is the spout. Instead of a bag-activated spout, the GH2 has a tubular spout that has pretty significant space behind it between the body and the spout, and there's a clip here for bags. So, with this, you can use a milk pitcher, say. That's what I often use for pourover and things. You can put a bag in there, like the GH1, but now, also, you can put a batch brew basket underneath and grind directly into it which is super convenient.

So, 85-millimeter, Italian-made burrs in here, and they do a really great job of producing a uniform grind. Really, everything you'd expect from a Mahlkonig. And I'll go ahead and give you an idea of what the grinder sounds like and what the grind quality looks like. I'm going to grind on a medium-coarse, about a press size. All right, just like that. Use the clip on the back to knock the chute, and there's our grind. Really remarkably even, and for around $950, you really can't beat that in the commercial range. Included with the grinder is a toolkit for cleaning and calibration. Couple screwdrivers, a brush, and an Allen wrench, and a nice little carrying case so you can stow those away. So, that's the GH2. Thanks so much for watching. Check it out at

Apr 29th 2018 meredithlangley

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