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Mahlkonig Tanzania Retail Coffee Grinder


- Hey folks, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today I'm taking a look at the Mahlkonig Tanzania Retail Grinder. This is a fantastic and very small footprinted grinder. It falls right between the Kenya and the Guatemala, in terms of price point and performance. It's really great. If you're doing a lot of retail bags of coffee grinding for your customers, this is a fantastic option for you, as well as if you're doing like brewed coffee, single-dose grinding, that sort of thing. Really, really fantastic grinder at a full range of grind settings.

Mahlkonig Tanzania Retail Coffee Grinder

The Tanzania has a hopper capacity of 1.6/3.3 lbs and a grinding capacity of 1.2-2 lbs/min.

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Up top, we have the smaller 1.6 pound hopper. This will also fit the 3.3 pound hopper as well. We have 80 millimeter flat burrs inside, with a one and a half horsepower motor, so you're going to do about two pounds per minute at a coarser grind, maybe a little less at a fine grind. Right up front, we have a nice, big, open spout, great for doing single dose coffees, so if you want to grind into your little shaker tin, or right into a V60, what have you, you've got a lot of room right out front. There's an optional bag shaker plate, so if you want to clip the bag on, it'll have plate that helps shake and settle the grounds as you're grinding a full bag at a time. We've got a nice grinds catch down at the bottom, and a really easy and convenient switch on the side. We have stepless grinding here, so this is worm gear adjustment, and it goes...a nine would probably be a bit coarser than your average French press range, out of the box without calibration. And then a one is going to be not quite espresso territory, maybe more like mocha pot fineness.

Really, again, this one, the Tanzania, is all about having a small footprint with a lot of power packed into it. Again, you have that one and a half horsepower motor. You're going to be able to grind really a lot of coffee, and can pack this into a fairly small space, so it's really, really for most of those small to medium cafes, or anybody that's doing like a catering setup. It's really great, easy to travel, and pack up and take with you. So, that is Mahlkonig Tanzania. Thanks for watching.

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