Video Overview | Mahlkonig VTA Heavy Duty Retail Coffee Grinder

Mahlkonig VTA Retail Coffee Grinder


Mahlkonig VTA6S Heavy Duty Retail Coffee Grinder - 2.2lb. Capacity

Grinding speed (fine to medium)- 5.5-6.1 lbs/min.

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I'm Brian with Mahlkonig USA, I'm going to show you the VTA 6S. This is available in three phase. It's available in 220 single phase, and it's been around for decades. Three phase grinds six pounds per minute, single phase about four pounds per minute. We have several different variations. This is our standard variation, and this is how you adjust the grind. This is fine going to coarse. On this particular model, when you lift the handle, not only does it turn the grinder on with that click, but you see the spout moving in, which clamps the bag behind here. This vibrator plate will start shaking, which will shake the bag and settle the grounds inside the bag. This is the hopper.

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