Video Overview | Mazzer Omega Hand Grinder

Video Overview | Mazzer Omega Hand Grinder

Nov 18th 2022 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

Mazzer has journeyed into the home equipment market, and it has not disappointed. The Mazzer Omega seamlessly combines quality, functionality and simplicity making it a strong contender in the hand grinder market. The Omega has quickly become a Prima favorite due to its unmatched quality.


Mazzer Omega

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Exceptional grind quality

Hey there, it's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and this is the Mazzer Omega Hand Grinder. Mazzer has journeyed its way into the home market and it has not disappointed. From exceptional grind quality to simplicity, it has made its mark amongst the competition.

So the Omega is equipped with 47 millimeter conical fast burrs, and what this means is that the geometry is more aggressive and you get that high uniformity grind and it's just a faster grinding process thanks to the burrs. It has an external grind adjustment ring with 60 microsteps, and that means that you can make really tiny micro adjustments to your grind settings with ease and simplicity, because you don't have to disassemble anything to make the changes. Additionally, it has True Zero calibration, which is great, and your True Zero and your numerical zero align, that makes keeping track of grind settings for different brewers or coffees super simple. It has a full metal body design, it's got a lot of weight and heft to it, it feels sturdy and you can feel the quality. Additionally, its arm and pommel are removable and magnetic, so you can remove the pommel, and the arm will stick to the side and the pommel will go there and it's perfect for travel. Additionally, it has a lidless design, so it's really easy to feed the beans to the burrs, and it has a removable grinds catch for easy cleaning.

What really makes the Omega stand out from the crowd is the quality of design. It produces everything that you would expect from a manufacturer like Mazzer, the grind quality is nearly unmatched as is the construction. The Omega is the perfect grinder if quality is what you're searching for, it checks all of the boxes.

So let's see this bad boy in action. I have 22 grams of coffee that we will use to grind for a Clever brew. I have it at setting eight, so you're at that coarse, medium coarse grind. Pour it in. We attach the arm and the pommel and let's grind. So grinding with the Omega is very easy, that was relatively fast thanks to those fast burrs. And the grind uniformity and quality is nearly unmatched, it is comparable to that of a commercial grinder.

As for limitations, every piece of equipment has them, in this case, it is the fact that the microstep adjustment changes your brew time by three to four seconds per microstep, which is acceptable for espresso, but performs not as well as a grinder that is more espresso focused, so you don't have that step with adjustment. Additionally, when you're grinding for espresso, it can be a bit challenging as is the case whenever you're grinding for espresso manually.

So this is the Mazzer Omega, you can find it online at Feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments below, and thanks for watching.

Nov 18th 2022 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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