Video Overview | Mazzer Robur Espresso Conical Burr Grinder and Doser

Video Overview | Mazzer Robur Espresso Conical Burr Grinder and Doser

Dec 14th 2014 Written by meredithlangley

Mazzer Robur Espresso Conical Burr Grinder and Doser: The Mazzer Robur Espresso Grinder is known as the most powerful and most durable espresso grinder on the market and is the ultimate workhorse for high volume cafes and coffee shops.


Hey there. I'm Steve with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're going to talk about the Mazzer Robur. This is the doser version, so it has a dosing container right on the front. This is Mazzer's biggest and beefiest grinder. It's got 71 mm conical burrs, it can spit out 6.7 grams per second. You're talking about a real high-performance grinder here.

Mazzer Robur Espresso Conical Burr Grinder and Doser

Conical Steel Grinding Burrs: 71 mm, Coffee-bean hopper capacity: 4 lbs, Adjustable doser: 5.5g-8g

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It's very large - perfect for a high-volume shop that's doing espresso pretty much on a constant basis all day. So you got 4-pound hopper here. It's got same old locking mechanism you'll see, pretty much, in all Mazzer grinders. Stepless adjustment with the adjustment wheel. You can pull it left or right to go finer or courser.

Distinct from most other timer doser models this one actually has basically an on/off switch. You can set it to on and then kick on the grinder to basically fill the doser or shut it off manually. Now the doser holds about 360 grams of coffee.

It has adjustable dosing veins. So you can choose 7, 10 grams, whatever you want your dose to be every time you sweep the lever. You can put out a decent amount of coffee in a porta filter pretty quickly. For 20 gram dose you're talking about maybe 3 seconds of grinding to put out 20 grams into the doser.

Now despite having used these large conical burrs it actually spins relatively slowly about 420 RPMs. So it actually stays cooler than most other flat burrs, which will spin up to 1400 and 1600 RPMs.

As I said, it's a very large grinder. It stands 28.5 inches tall, comes in at 62 pounds. So this isn't one that you want to carry around with you in a mobile coffee cart. It's just really going to sit in one place, but it's very sturdy, very well put together. It's Mazzer Robur. It's a real performer.

Dec 14th 2014 meredithlangley

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