Video Overview | OptiPure BWS350 RO Water Treatment System with Mineral Addition

Video Overview | OptiPure BWS350 RO Water Treatment System with Mineral Addition

Jul 16th 2020 Written by meredithlangley

Capable of pumping out 14 gallons of water per hour, or 400 gallons per day, OptiPure's BWS350 offers a whole new world for water treatment. It packs a four part system: pre-filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), mineral addition, and precision blending, with enough output to keep each piece of equipment supplied in even the busiest of shops. Learn more about the BWS350 in this video, as Steve shares on the ins and outs of this impressive filtration system.


Hey. It's Steve with Prima Coffee. Today we're taking a look at the BWS350 reverse osmosis system from OptiPure. This is a big, beefy RO system, so if you have a high volume need in your cafe running a bunch of equipment, or you're doing something like bottled cold brew production, this is an ideal system for you. So the BWS350 is a high-volume, RO system. Again, it is really intended for people who have a lot of need. If you're running basically all of your coffee brewing equipment in a high-volume shop environment or you're doing some kind of, you know, small kind of in-house production of bottled cold brew or cold brew that you keg and send off to wholesale clients. If you have basically a 350 gallon per day need of treated water, this is an ideal system for you. So we have four-stage filter cartridges here.

OptiPure BWS350/16 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System with Mineral Addition for Coffee and Espresso

Reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water by more than 97%

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The first two are basically prefilter cartridges. They are designed to reduce some sediment, improve your taste and aroma, remove some chlorine, basically, get the water treated for the third stage which is the actual reverse osmosis membrane. This is going to remove basically all the TDS from your water. It's going to strip the majority of everything out of the water itself usually within just a couple of percent TDS, maybe one to two. It's going to basically clean your water down to almost its purest form. The final cartridge that we have is a mineral addition cartridge, and that is to actually build the water back up, make it taste better when you're brewing coffee or tea, add some minerals back in, in particular magnesium and calcium, as well as a little bit, you know, a little bit of the proprietary blend that OptiPure has. So you have almost completely pure water that gets a little bit of mineral mix back in, and you can actually adjust how much mineral content is added back into that water using the blending valve on the front.

We also have a TDS meter. So it's a digital display that allows you to read your feed water in as well as your water out. So when you're adjusting your mineral content for your out water, you can look on that screen to see whether or not you're in your ideal TDS range for the equipment that you're using or for the flavor that you're going for. Now, again, this is a pretty large system. This is not necessarily the most, like, under counter friendly system, if you have the space it could work. However, it does also come with a storage tank, and the smallest storage tank size is 16 gallons. You also can buy a 50-gallon or 175-gallon tank depending on your needs. And we do recommend trying to maximize the storage tank size for, you know, the maximum amount of water that you need because if you have a 16-gallon tank and you wind up needing 25-gallons one day, you know, you're going to run the system pretty hard, and you're probably going to run out of water, and need to wait.

So it's better to kind of overshoot what you normally need just to kind of hedge for those high-volume days. Now, this system, like OptiPure's other systems, is pretty easy to install. They have great installation guides with color coded lines and really nice descriptions. So setting it up and, you know, installing it is pretty easy to do, you know, following your instructions step-by-step. Overall, this is a really fantastic system. If you, again, have a fairly high volume need for a cafe or maybe even, like, kind of a mix of smaller cafe with some extra production on the side, again, something like...especially now that cold brew is so popular, if you're kegging cold brew and sending it off to wholesale clients, or you're bottling it or canning it in-house, this is a great system for something like that because it can scale up pretty well.

If you feel like you need to have a larger storage tank, you can basically swap that out. But again, up to 350 gallons per day of that treated water, so that's quite a bit of throughput. And if you have the high volume needs, it's going to be a really great system for you that produces great flavor in your coffee, and as well, you know, if you're running it with coffee, brewing equipment, espresso machines, it's going to help protect your machinery as well especially by reducing that TDS and kind of limiting how much scale can build up in your equipment. So that is the BWS350 by OptiPure. Thanks for watching.

Jul 16th 2020 meredithlangley

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