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Prima Coffee Brewing Stand


More than any other pour over stand, the Prima Stand embodies stability, versatility and theatricality. It's the first stand designed to sit snugly atop any of your favorite brewing scales and it accommodates most popular pour over drippers. Fashioned with native woods right here in Louisville, Kentucky, the Prima Stand is a beautiful tool that we're confident can enhance the way you make a coffee every day.

Prima Stand for Pour Over Brewing

The Prima stand adds stability, versatility, and theatricality to your pour-over setups.

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Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment and we're taking a look at the Prima Stand. The Prima Stand is a stand for pour over brewing. It's unique in a couple of ways.

First of all, the Prima Stand is designed to be used with a number of different scales. You can see all of these pre-drilled holes with these pegs inside. These pegs twist out really easily, they slide in firm enough to actually hold on to the scale and stay inside. They're pre-drilled to fit around a couple of different popular scales. So, we have the Hario Drip Scale, the Jennings CJ4000, the Escali Tabla here, this AWS Scale, the Escali Arti.

So, all of these scales is going to fit underneath the Prima Stand. This is for one main reason. We noticed as we were using pour over stands a lot that one problem we ran into over and over again is that you have to change the way you do things. You actually have to pour and work differently because you're not able to measure things in real time. So, if you have a stand that isn't sitting on top of the scale, you can't measure all of your weight for coffee and everything in real time and it forces you to do things differently. So, we wanted a stand that would allow you to have the stability, the theatricality and the versatility of pour over stands without changing anything. And, this is what we came up with.

So, the Prima Stand has a couple of different options. There's one with the inlay here. Right now we just have our Fleur-de-lis logo in there and you can also get any logo in there you want. So, you have a certain store logo or initial or anything, we love to work with a local carpenter that we use to actually put something unique in there for you. There's also just the plain one. It just has the plain cut-out here that's designed to fit around most popular servers or mugs.

The top shelf of the stand here is going to work with most popular pour over drippers too, so V60, Kalita et cetera, all of those are going to be totally fine up here at the top. Referring to popular mugs or servers down there, they work really well. We love pour over stands, in particular the Prima Stand because for one, they add some stability. So it's a lot more stable, especially in a shop environment, than having a mug or a server with a dripper on top of it, just to have this stationary stand that holds everything in place.

There's also the presentation element. It's a little bit more elegant and it speaks something hopefully about the quality of the coffee you're actually preparing. So, we like that, that which it adds to the shop environment there.

And, we also love the versatility. Sometimes your having a problem where the dripper you want to use doesn't fit on top of the cup or the server that you want to use or something like that. So, the Stand, as pretty accommodating below and above, is going to solve that problem.

So, we love the Prima Stand for those reasons and we had all of these stands actually made locally in Louisville, Kentucky, of some American woods and by local craftsmen. So, it's a really, really great project to be a part of and we've enjoyed making them. They're a really fine piece of work and it's a great addition to your pour over drink set-up. Thanks.

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