Video Overview | Robot Hands for Cafelat Robot

Video Overview | Robot Hands for Cafelat Robot

Feb 19th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Comfort is now an option for your Cafelat Robot thanks to the Robot Hands. Cafelat’s newest accessory fits easily over the original Robot hands while providing a larger surface area and smoother edges to grasp, delivering added comfort to your espresso experience.


Hands for Cafelat Robot

CNC machined aluminum sections

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Hey there, it's Ragan from Prima Coffee. And today we're going to talk about the Robot Hands from Cafelat. The Robot Hands were designed by Paul Pratt to increase comfort when using the Robot. Affectionately called the mittens, they're a great accessory for anybody who pulls multiple espresso shots a day. The hands are 36 millimeters in diameter, 13 millimeters thick, and they fit perfectly onto the the wrench shaped levers that come standard on your Robot. They are made up of three sections, a front section and a back section, both made of CNC machined aluminum, and are held together by a 304 stainless steel screw. Installation of the hands is very, very easy. All you have to do is apply pressure to the head of the screw, and twist the back section off. Once removed, place the front section onto the wrench. Line the hole up with the screw. Keep the screw steady and twist the back side on. Once the hands are secure, you immediately feel a difference. They contribute to the overall width of the levers, and they smooth out the angled edges that dig into your palms when you apply pressure. By increasing comfortability, it allows you to apply more pressure giving you a smooth and creamy espresso shot every single time. So that's it for Cafelat's newest Robot accessory. If you were looking for a comforting hand to hold each time that you pull an espresso shot, these could be a great upgrade to your Robot. You can find them online at, and thanks for watching.

Feb 19th 2021 Reagan Jones

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